Manzilian Wax Exhibitionism

I am an exhibitionist and am well Hung. For a long time I fantasized about getting a male Brazilian wax. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get an erection in front of a young lady. Ever time I thought of it I became very hard and excited.

I really wanted to get one but was a little concerned about the pain & also what my wife would think. One night I jokingly mentioned it and my wife said I wouldnt't have the balls. She laid down the gauntlet so I felt I had to go through with it.

As part of my research I rang a few places that I knew did male Brazilian and asked some questions about pain. I talked to a lovely lady from south America who was very reassuring and told me it would not hurt too much. She suggested I take s couple of aspirin before I come. I also told her I had concerns about getting an erection. She said not to worry, it sometimes happens due to the adrenaline rush and the beautician would not mind. She then asked me if I wanted to make an appointment and much to my surprise I said yes. So I had made an appointment so there was no turning back. I got horny just thinking about the appointment. I also got nervous and a little scared. What would my wife say? What if I got a huge erection? What if I could not get erect?

Finally the day arrived for my appointment. What I hoped would happen is that I could get totally naked, get a full and sustained erection and do it in a way that would not threaten or offend the beautician. I know that getting naked would not be necessary and might give the game away. The game being that I am an exhibitionist and therefore get a sexual kick out of being naked and erect. I was nervous when I arrived. I was greeted by Melissa. She was beautiful and tiny. She showed me to the room and offered me butterscotch snaps! Bizarre I know but it is a part of the service. Apparently it helps the clients relax. Melissa told me to take my pants off and showed me a small towel I could use to protect my modesty. She then left the room to get my drink. What should I do I thought. I divided to go for it and ******** completely naked. I then shrouded my **** with the tony towel. Moments later Melissa was back with the drink. She made no comment about me being naked which was a good sign. She gave Me my drink and donned a pair of rubber gloves. Then she moved the towel a little to one side and applied some hot wax to my pubes. There was a rip and a quick sting and the first ***** was done. Not nearly as bad as I had expected. It was also a little arousing and straight away I could feel my scrotum tighten and a slight swelling of my ****. I told her she was beautiful and we chatted as she worked, but as she did each ***** I became a little more aroused until I had an obvious bulge which the towel was barley containing. It was embarrassing and thrilling at the same time. I didn't want to offend Melissa so I apologized for the erection. Melissa said not to worry, it was involuntary and besides, it made her job easier! I said "what!". She told me it was easier to wax if the skin was pulled tight. I told her "well as long as I'm doing you a favor I don't mind". We both laughed at that and soon the towel was discarded altogether. It was one less thing for her to worry about. I was now lying on the table totally naked with a full erection while chatting to a beautiful girl. Melissa was obviously not bothered by my stiffy and I wanted to maintain it as long as possible. Each time she turned to get more wax I stroked it. This resulted in me getting a full throbbing erection which Melissa dutifully ignored. When she was finished with my pubs she got some lovely warm wax and starting painting it onto my scrotum. I wasn't expecting this and my **** got the hardest it has ever been. I looked down and a big bead of pre-*** appeared out of the eye. I was genuinely embarrassed but also thrilled. The hot wax on my balls felt amazing and I was so horny I thought I would explode. I am a fairly well hung guy but once the pubs have been removed a **** always looks bigger. As I looked down I could see it looked monstrous. it was purple headed and throbbing visibly and as I looked a string of off-*** dripped down and was replaced with another. I didn't think I could sustain this for long but then beautiful Melissa starting painting the wax onto the shaft of my ****. All this time we were chatting amiably about her wedding plans. It was truly a bizarre situation and I was loving every minute of it. After she was done with my **** she asked if I wanted my bum hole done too. I hadn't even thought of this but said "why not". This involved me raising my legs in the air and bending them towards me so my *** checks were spread apart. I apologized about the unfaltering view and we both laughed. The sensation of the wax on my anus was divine. All to soon the experience was over. Melissa inspected her handy work and declared it beautiful. I thanked her for putting me at ease. I felt completely different as I left the premises. My balls were slapping from side to side within my pants. It felt very sexy. I am a true exhibitionist. I love being naked and getting erections in front of beautiful women but I never want to offend them. I was concerned that maybe Melissa had been offended and was just being professional when she pretended not to mind. I needn't have worried. She phoned me up about a month later for my repeat appointment and we did it all again.
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Great share. I look forward to my monthly waxings to hang out naked and get worked over. The pain is temporary and easy to absorbs. I have been doing it for about 4 years now.

What an exciting and great story. I shave for hole to hole and may have to try waxing now. My wife and I checked out laser treatments for us and found the cost was prohibitive. Around $6,000 for to two of us. Come to find out my wife could not have it done because she is light hair, blond and I qualified with dark brown hair. The cost kept us away. Waxing sounds better than shaving which has to be done almost every day. I also always heard waxing was much to painful, but with a beautiful girl doing the waxing who could feel pain while watching her do her job. Thanks for the story.

How did the next appointments go??

I've been getting myself waxed for the last 4 months and I love it. I love the feeling of being really nude down stairs...not a hair anywhere. Fantastic feeling, and the momentary sting when the waxed is ripped off is nothing compared to the incredible feeling of smoothness afterwards. It's ******' awesome

Great story

Well there's no time like the present. Do it. It was great fun.