Finally Some (er)action

I was toying with the idea of getting waxed and being a bit more, ok a lot more daring than usual. After numerous attempts to make a booking and misses I finally managed to get a date.
My original plan was to take it slow and ease myself back into her routine so as to do what I wanted. However at the end I was just like feck it and went for it anyway.
So this is what I wanted. I wanted to have a full blown erection while she was waxing me; I always get a brazillian. And I wanted to pull my foreskin down while I was lying face down for my butt and back of the legs. This was the only time I guessed I could do it without seeming like I was playing with myself.

Anyway i went in and didn't waste any time. Usually a good few minutes are wasted talking about prices and what I want to do. This time as she was getting into her ramble I was like should I get ready. I wanted to get down to my g-string as quick as possible, plus she said she wanted me to get their early as she had other clients lined up. So just to make it better for her ;)

Then I got on the table and she went straight for my groin and I took off my g-string when she made a 'of course i've already seen it and it's sheer and i have to get there anyway' look.
I don't why but it's always been hard for me to get hard with her. Usually it's nerves, stress and tiredness from my life. But still I thought it was ridiculous. I never thought her attractive, in fact at first meeting I was somewhat downtrodden thinking she wasn't all that. But then it'd turn into some nice fantasies later on through the years.

Anyway, I'll make this
I managed to get partially flaccid during the waxing but that was it. Then she gave me some lotion so I worked it in. She said it was for my balls and the other thing she couldn't mentioned but mumbled at. I used it to rub my **** into a semi rigid stated.

Then she covered my lower half when she started waxing my chest and then someone came to her front door. She left and I was trying kegels and what not. After her return and waxing she asked me to turn on my back to do my crack and butt. This was my moment. When she whipped off my towel my penis was semi erect. Then when I turned on my back I pulled down my foreskin and placed it up so she won't see. Plus she does a terrible job of my back when it's pointed down. On a side note, a very reluctant and careless therapist when it comes to these things.

After several minutes she asked me to turn over. The hot wax and new pressure made me **** swell. When I turned over it was almost fully erect and now with my head exposed and shining through. She didn't say anything. Usually her incessant, "Now, um ok, uhh, ok, now ok," chant.
She always refers to my penis as 'thing.' And then she did. "Now take your thing while I wax here. I pulled it back with one hand while cupping and lifting my balls with the other. Mostly because it had started pointing out straight and scribing patterns in the air with its movement.

I didn't want it in her face...or did I. Anyway first time so didn't want to be brazen. She asked me to pull my right leg up in the air to do underneath. And on the left leg I just let go of my ****. It was just freely pointing in the air and towards my belly. I just let it go while she was doing the rest of the wax. Because my one leg was raised, my 'thing' would come into contact with my lower belly. And there was a nice serving of precum that latched onto my skin and was forming a dewy string to the tip of my engorged penis.
After that I just lay back when she finished and it was still rigid and I flexed my kegels all the while to keep it moving and hard. She came back with some lotion for my legs, which she rubbed in herself. Then she told me to stand up so I could put some lotion on the back of my legs myself.
I did and used it on the backs of my legs. By now I was sporting an almost full on erection and I didn't bother getting ready or anything remotely close to it. She was in the back getting things ready or tidying what have you. And I was loosely pointing my 'thing' in her general direction. I asked for some tissue to wipe my hands and had this goregeous extension between me and her while she was getting it from off near the cupboard from ground while I was facing right towards her just a few metres away.
I could sense she was somewhat flustered but I didn't care much, just wanted to get the most out of the time. After all I was paying her an unmodest amount of money for not very good work.
After she hurriedly left the room to 'clean her hands' I felt nice with the hard on and wondered if I should rub one out. I didn't think wise since there'd be no where to *** and didn't know if she'd come back too soon.
The next time I would like to talk more about things relating to sex while I'm there. We mostly talked about travelling and I talked about speedos and thongs. How it was hard to get thongs here in Ireland. But got very little out of her. BORING. I'd like to talk more about her personally. Her husband. What she thought about penises, size, sex. To pry more about her sexuality and I hope she opens up more vocally and physically.
Also more yummier, juicier moments while getting waxed ;) Maybe even a few strokes while I'm lying down and more obvious kegel workouts. mmmm
jusletmebe jusletmebe
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012