Shatter And Destroy It All

Stand up straight she says. You'll feel proud of yourself she says. You'll find a good man, he'll keep you in line she told me. It is a women's role to have children, that is all your good for, she repeats that over and over.

One must not play instruments,
Too bold for young lady.

One cannot paint, especially not with vibrant colors.
Too much expression for young lady.

One must not eat in till the man of the house is finished, only then may the women divide among themselves.
Young lady must stay slender.

So many days and nights I've gone without eating.

I don't even bother coming home in till atleast 7. Their both buried deep,
Whisked away by whiskey itself.

But here I am tonight, I found my house completely abandoned.
It's best that way, peaceful.

But alas, many have proven to me that there has never been, and never will be any peace inside of me. I know only of what stirs inside of me, whispering softly,

Question it, fix it.

Fix it, destroy it.

Move on.

And repeat.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
Sep 24, 2012