What Was Rule 1?

me i have never been able to follow the rules.. people always lay them out like i listen but i dont.. when i was in school it was no running in the hall way be to class on time dont cut class blah blah blah me i was the one who ran from the hall moniter to cut class.. when i did attend cass it was raise your hand.... stay in your seat no passind notes or wondering the room... me i yelled across the room wondered the class to pass notes.. i never really took direction real well i guess that is why i was alway grounded and in trouble while i was growing up which i didnt care at the time.. when i moved into my dads house thats when **** really hit the fan. i was never home i never called to tell him where i was and i would come home at all hours of the night not careing if i woke him up ... plus he had the rule of no one going in his house.. well i have a window.. and lets just say people always came over and i always had my window opened. lol i guess most would call me the problem child i look at myslef and relize how disresptfull i was and i just think wow. i dont have a lot of gulit when it comes to it becasue for me growing up.. my step dad was a *******. my dad would say he didnt care. and my mom was stuck in the middle. now i get a long with my mom my step dad got kicked out and my dad well he is my dad.. kinda crazy. i have calmed down a bit.. and there is a lot i dont do anymore.. but beuing 17 with an attuide that didnt care. theres no stopping them lol :)

rockinkandy rockinkandy
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1 Response Aug 23, 2008

Rule number one is spank your bottom long and hard, as a
attitude adjustment.It may t ake more than one time to
spank your bottom.