I Know It's Not Legal

I am a medicinal cannabis user and have been for many years. I have seen first hand how effective pot can be as a medicine for myself and for countless others. I live in an area that is very cannabis tolerant. It is technically against the law, but it is mostly tolerated. It benefits the economy and everyone knows it ;)
When it comes to med pot, legally, it's a real grey area and it is generally overlooked by law enforcement. As a result, a number of patient coops and buyer's clubs have become established in the area and are serving many thousands of people. Some of these compassion clubs have been in existence for more than 10 years, they are legitimate businesses that meet a very real, and growing (no pun intended) need in the community.

I have been involved with and worked in this industry for almost 10 years now, I see the value of it every single day. These clubs are a lifeline for many, without them, they would be lost to the mercies of the black market. I believe that cannabis should be legalized, at the very least for medical purposes. I also believe that when a law is wrong, as the cannabis laws are, then our only recourse is to work around it. To try to to cause change by example, even if it means that every time I go to work, I am breaking the law. Many of the people that use these clubs are among our most vulnerable citizens. Why should they be further marginalized and potentially victimized for choosing to self medicate with a safe and effective drug? Buyers clubs offer a safe and reliable alternative to black market deals and cannabis of unknown quality.

I know the risk I am taking but I'm willing to do what I know is right. I know how cannabis helps me and I have seen how others benefit from it. I know the medicinal properties of this plant and I feel that anyone who wishes to use it to treat their symptoms, should have that right. It's a relatively benign substance, it has none of the negative properties of alcohol or legal prescription drugs. Why should outdated "reefer madness" laws deny anyone access to a  medicine that works? It's no one else's business what I put into my body if it isn't hurting anyone else.

Yeah, I know what I am doing is against the law, but I also know that it is not wrong and sometimes, that's all that really matters.

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It's great when you grow your own. MUCH better quality than anything you buy!

I love cannabis!!!

I know were my weed is grown and i watch it grow threw the scope of my 30 06.......get ya some

So, you're proud of doing things that are immoral?

This is a good informative post pussycat! Keep up the good fight.

i agree with squid 100% because that is very very VERY true. where do you think our pot comes from.

when it is sold legally as with any product there a bnenfit to the economy if that product is successful comercially. However when it is sold on the streets the sad fact is that the money, (which in my younger day I was unaware of), goes over seas and into Mexico to support cartels and mobs who do things the way that want to and murder poeple as if they where pigs going to slauter.