I just got dumped in the most horrible way. I'm looking for someone to talk to. Someone from Calgary. Maybe we can meet and chat. I'm female live in the south.
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How are you now?

im not even from the same timezone but if u want to talk i can

Thanks this is really hard I don't really know what to say tho

well start by telling me what happened

Well we were having no intimate connection at all for like 3 months. And he wouldn't talk to me ever. So I asked if he wanted his rings back. I put them on the table and went to bed. I woke up at 8 am to him and his brothers turning on my light and taking all his stuff. And let me tell you that was awkward. I had only been asleep for 2 ish hours. Now here I am alone sitting here for 5 hours like what the ****.

do you use fb? this is quite slow?
And how long have you guys been dating

We were almost dating 2 years. Yea I have fb but I can't use messages because I won't download the message app and I'm on my cell

The idiotic new messaging app, hate it. Anyways so what went wrong? Was he into someone else? And how long were you guys engaged for?

Well I always thought he was gay. I bullies him a lot and I knew this was bound to happen. I don't know why we stopped being intimate he never talked to me ever, which made me even more angry and upset. Which caused me to say anything to get a response from him. That kinda why I gave him his rings back. I wanted any emotional response at all. Never expected him to do this. We were engaged for a year.

Well clearly it wasnt working out for both of you, so i think its the best thing that its finally over..... A man who wouldnt be willing to get intimate with his girl is either an infidel or cheating, such a man is no good for a woman like you. Now that it is finally over, you need to get yourself back together. He is the one who didnt appreciated you and clearly he made a mistake because if a woman can wait three months before asking what exactly is wrong, she has love filled in every corner and such a woman needs to be kept.

Awe thanks. That's means a lot it's just so hard you know? I hate this feeling of sadness and loneliness. I'm tired of this. I don't ever want a close relationship with someone again. It's to painful and embarrassing

hey, its always hard, remembering the time when you were just a year old and tried to walk the first time on your own, your legs didnt worked like you thought they would but today they can carry you far and long? Everything in life is perfected after trial and errors, why are you making all the great guys who are desperately trying to get a girl like you suffer because of one idiot who doesnt has anyidea what he just lost..... have a little mercy on bachelors like me (by me i mean guys around you lol), give us a shot we will surely show you what love is..........
For the loniness and sadness well u r not lonely im here aint I? And what are you sad about? Its him who lost not you,

That's why I'm sad. Because I haven't felt that in a long time

Where do you live anyways? And the last thing I want to think about is another relationship. I want someone to cuddle with. Someone to hug me and tell me everything is going to be ok

i live in karachi, pakistan.
Well i cant hug or cuddle with you in real but i can give you imaginary cuddles and hugs,

Thanks. That's really nice of you. What is it like where you live?

its a city full of life. Chaotic, messy and unforgiving but it has its goodness too, you get to meet people who would do anything for a strangers smile, people who would go beyond their limits to help others and money following in its vains. Its a city in the third world but its full of malls and resorts. The food here is amazing, the cars are exotic

That sounds amazing. I hope one day I will look at life that way

Well ull, just relax, calm down my dear........ Do you have friends who you can go out to party tonight?

No I have no friends

Tell me about your city? what is it like

well u have a friend now lol u can consider me a friend from now on but i doubt i would be able to meet you

My city is really big. And really easy to get lost in. At night you can't see the starts because of all the pollution. It's lonely and I don't know anyone here

Lol if you think your city is big then you would call mine a country, you cant get to one corner from another in a car at speeds over 100 in less then 1.30 minutes
Well mine has the same problem the pollution keeps me from seeing the stars so i usually take some time out and go to the outskirts to see them, they remind me of how beautiful life is and what its worth.... Well u have me as a friend now but im not there so with a little effort we will try searching for a friend there for you too

Yea I'm not going to bother. Relationships never end good for me so I'm just going to keep to myself and try to live

add me on fb, fb.com/anasscf
i need to leave its 540 in the morning and i really to catch a little bit of sleep. And dont worry i prove every experience of yours and if i fail well u can always live by yourself so either way its a win win for you

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