I Need Help With My Breakup

I am 24 years old girl. I got engaged on February 2012. When I got engaged I was seriously ill I didn’t want to get engaged and wanted this engagement to be postponed. But that didn’t not happen and I got engaged on the same date. Everyone was so happy with this engagement. Then I realized that everything happen for a reason and God has better plans for us. So I accepted this engagement. Then I started talking to him. I found him a nice person. He is friendly and funny guy. We used to chat almost everyday then we started talking on phone. I was never been in love before but there was something special about this guy. And I started feeling that I fall in love with my fiance. With each day passing I feel like I love him more and more. For me it was getting difficult to spend a day without talking to him. And I think he felt the same about me. But then things went wrong. Because he wants freedom in his life and being cancerian may be I have this trait that I got easily attached with people whom I love the most. We use fighting almost every day just because I need his time and he is always busy doing nothing. Anyhow I compromised on this issue. But then I found out that he doesn’t know what to decide. He is a bad decision maker. He cannot even choose which flavor of ice cream he has to eat. And now our wedding is near and he is still confused whether to get married or not. Or which date we have to get married. Things are getting worst. And he is giving tensions to my family and me. I am accepting that I have less patience. I do use bad language when I am in bad mood or when I feel that the other person is doing something that is unfair to me. But about him he has no idea what do in his life. He is always confused. He doesn’t know which restaurant we have to eat. He cannot make decisions. That’s why he always put other people in trouble. Because of him now me and my family is suffering. We use to argue almost every day. There is not any single day when we don’t argue. Sometimes we abused each other. Finally I decided that we should break up with each other. I know I love him he loves me too (not sure) but things are not working out. And then after marriage I believe we will have to suffer more. That is why I want to end this relation for our betterment. I know it’s hard to live after break up. But time is a big healer. My parents are just scared because their so called respect in society is on STAKE. Because hardly 24 days left in our wedding. But he doesn’t know whether to get married or not. I don’t think so this person can make me happy after marriage. We will have arguments in future that is for sure and I am afraid those arguments will not lead towards divorce. I am scared of all this. I want a break or break up. What should I do, i have no idea i feel myself helpless. I am really hurt and heartbroken and upset. Sometimes I feel that falling in love with him was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. So guys i need your advice.

Written by Ainiee
Ainniee Ainniee
2 Responses Jul 25, 2012

Pay another women to take him out and get him drunk. Make sure others see him out with this lady kissing him and him kissing her. Now your breakup is certain, how can you marry someone that is kissing another women so close to your wedding? Problem solved.

Please marry me ainee leave him ..please

ainee i know u are beautiful...so leave him ..just marry me