I hate it when guys or girls get right out of a relationship their hearts so hurt and they say stupid things to make the other person feel horrible like "I cheated on you" first of all it's immature to say that and lie and yeah that's right it was 99.9% chance it was a lie and they're sitting in their bed crying their ******* eyes out. Also I hate it when y'all "move on" to Fill in that gap in your heart from what you just lost like chill please take time to heal a month or 2 atleast then go back to dating (news flash) get to know this chick first before you start saying you love her cause you're hurt from the other girl who's still lurking around in your heart. Stop meeting people online and falling in love the first night you meet. Get the **** out and talk to girls you in confident mother effer. Please the world must listen to me on this it makes me want to scream and throw things you need to grow the eff up get out of relationships and worry about work and school. Nuff said grow up get some balls meet a pretty chick from your home town.... Have a nice day.
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

When your the one cheating and you filled in that gap pretty quick 😂 with your cousin go have the balls to meet a real guy not family