Turning My Wife Into A Saggy Uddered Milking Cow

I took my wife of 20 years from a perky D cup to a heavy Uddered EE cup milk Cow that hang past her bellybutton with wide huge 6" Areolas (TEATS) I continued suckling and streching sessions especialy making her not wear a bra to do her chores around the house and constant suckling and milking sessions....I'm currently in search of a new HuCow that wants to undergo this transformation.....let me know:P

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6 Responses Mar 22, 2010

Wonderful, I envy her now. Before she must have felt under a lot of pressure, supplying your milk and all the housework. <br />
Now she will soon have another hucow to help and You will be able to pay costs of keeping them, as our milk sells for US$29 Ltr. (quart) I was producing 1.3 ltrs when my Hubby used to milk me regular. Would so loved to be in a herd of us and Owner safely converting us all into hucows. Artificial insemination perhaps, as that is the modern way we can be bred. <br />
Moooooos!<br />
xx Bratty

omg I wish my breasts looked like that

You'd look great like that!

Thank you :)

Mmm so hot..what a lucky women.

Would like to have a barn full of women to be milked three times a day by machine. Used as breeding stock at night. LOL Keep up the good work and see just how big and saggy those udders can get. And don't forget to pet the cow !!!

Awesome story! Where can we see more pix?

OOOOOHHH ohhh OOOhhh pick me pick me please pick mepulleeeeezzzzeeee!!!!!!!