My Breasts Drip When I Look At Him!

I love being naked as much as possible! Even more now that I am pregnant and my breasts are so huge it is difficult to find a bra that fits them comfortably. They are constantly throbbing! Prior to getting pregnant I have been breastfeeding my husband for over a year now, we induced lactation by him suckling. But now that I am pregnant I love my body and my sexy belly so much I am naked all the time and I have so many hormones running through my body I am producing large amounts of milk, so much so that my husband nurses 6-8 times a day, each time emptying both breasts each time, but that is still not enough, many times between feedings my breasts get so large, so full, so engorged that they begin to drip with my sweet, hot breast milk, I do what I can to relieve them, I have a pump, but I hate using it because I don't want to take even a drop of precious, delicious sweet nectar away from my husband so I rarely pump. Sometimes I will express my nipples will my hands or even bring my nipple up to my own mouth and suck my own breast to help relieve the pressure until he is available to feed.

My breast milk tastes so amazing. Obviously being pregnant I am always exhausted so many times I will wake up from my nap, I sleep nude, and I will have breastmilk all over the front of me, my breasts just drip all day. Many women might think it is annoying, but I don't, I cherish this amazing gift and love every drop!
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I also breatfeed my husband. I love to do it. I am breastfeeding him for 10yrs, since he was by bf. I just stopped it for 9months while I was nursing our baby.

He loves it so much, he can't even stop it. I wish not to stop it. And I got a very busty bouncy 40D cup boobs from 32B by breastfeeding my sweet and beloved hubby. It makes me sexy to look at and horny as well.

I always sleep braless and try to be bare chest so that he can reach to my boobs easily. It always ends with a great positive love and mental-physical peace. We both enjoy it much.

I own my own company and have a very flexible schedule. It's really nice because my husband and I work together. My husband and I are the proud parents of two little baby boys, 3 and 1 year old. I breast feed my entire family, my husband included. So while I'm away from our boys a few days a week and have to go into the office and my breast begin to become engorged, it's nice to have my husband in the office right next to me, because he'll come over to my office and I'll sit on my desk, he'll sit in my office chair and I'll just open my shirt and just breast feed him right there at work. It's always a rush because we both love our ANR (adult nursing relationship) and he always seems to get aroused from breastfeeding. So by the time he has helped me and emptied both my breasts, I usually return the favor, drop to my knees and take care of him. After all, I don't want him walking around feeling too "full" and like he needs a release. So I always finish him off with a quick, but efficient blow job, swallow all that sweet *** he has to offer me, lick my lips to make sure there's nothing left behind, reapply my lipstick and we both get back to work. All the while, our co workers are non the wiser and have no clue what goes on behind my closed office door. My husband and I have a very close relationship, that is very trust worthy, very understanding, but also, very open and always ready for exploration.

So last week, while my husband was out to a meeting, I could feel my breast filling up, they were getting firmer and harder by the minute, part of me was aroused, but the other part of me knew I had to do something quick or I was just going to start leaking everywhere. And as luck had it, I had taken the breast pump that I usually have at work with me home the day before to clean everything out and change the batteries. I was stuck. But being the resourceful lady that I am, I remembered, I am the boss. I called my newest salesmen into my office. See, he and his wife recently had a baby, so I figured he would understand and hopefully be willing to help, not to mention that he is young, handsome and fit. I asked him to have a seat, I shut and locked the door behind him, I think the poor guy thought he was in trouble. I took my blazer off, and through my white dress shirt and bra you could already see where my breasts had begun to leak, I could tell he noticed, hell, he was staring, I didn't mind, I'm glad he noticed, that would make it easier to ask him what I was about to ask him.

I started by telling him how great of a job he had been doing lately, but I needed to ask a little more of him. He just sat staring at my breasts and nodded. I explained to him that I thought he was a very nice, sweet, handsome young man, and I needed his help with something but it was personal and he said ok. I shared with him how I breastfeed my husband and he began to wiggle around in his seat a bit, you could tell he was intrigued. He seemed ok with this information and frankly, a little excited. I went on to remind him that my husband was out of the office at a meeting and just come right out with it and told him, my breast are totally full of milk and I would really appreciate it if he would help me by allowing me to breastfeed him. He didn't even hesitate, he immediately agreed, I invited over to my desk chair as I sat on my desk. I unbuttoned my now milk soaked blouse and pulled down the top flap of my breastfeeding bra. He even remarked how sexy and lacy by breastfeeding bra was and shared that his wife weren't that beautiful. I asked if his wife ever breastfed him, he said he had always dreamt about it, but she wouldn't let him near her breast, she thought it was weird. I told him that I didn't think it was weird at all, I think it's natural, healthy and very calming. He said he hoped it would be, as he was a little nervous. I cupped my large, 36 DDD breast and offered it up to him. I put my nipple right on his lips. He opened his mouth and began to suck. I immediately felt relief. He stopped a few times to ask if he was doing it ok, I instructed him to take as much of my breast into his mouth as possible. I have rather large, dark areolas, and I told him I wanted him to take they whole thing in. I led his hand up to my breast and coached him how to gently massage my breasts to get more milk. He ever stopped to remark how sweet it was and to tell me he loved it. I told him, now you know why my husband likes it so much. He agreed and said he didn't blame him. He asked, he gets to do this everyday? I explained that not only does he get to do it everyday, but he gets to do it several times a day and much more on the weekends. He was blushing and jealous all at the same time.

He continued and began to move onto my other breast, again, I cupped my breast and brought it up to his lips, this time, he took it upon himself to cup my breast as well and he started to massage this one too. As I sat on my desk my legs were spread a little so that he could get in front of me and close enough to nurse. I could feel him inching closer and I could see his **** growing more and more erect by what seemed to be the second! He had on dress pants and I could see the outline of his now very erect ****. I too was growing very aroused. I began to slide down on the desk a bit in an attempt to get my skirt to slid up. I wasn't wearing an panties and if he looked down just a little I'm sure he could tell. I made mention of his erection and the wet spot that was now on his pants, he began to apologize, I told him to stop! I shared with him that I too was aroused. I grabbed his other hand and put it on my inner thigh and slide it back and forth for him. He began to do the same on his own.

He finally reached his hand all the way up my skirt, and as he got to my crotch, I know he was surprised to realize that I don't shave myself clean, I explained to him, that I'm a grown women, I don't need to be shaved bald, I like to have a full, but manicured bush, like a real woman. I think he was surprised, but I also know he liked it, at least he was rubbing me and moaning like he did! I finally just slide off my desk, and dropped to my knees in front of him. He was smiling from ear to ear, I think he knew what was going to happen next. I slowly undid his belt and unzipped his pants, I grabbed his shaft and licked the head of his now throbbing ****, I wanted to make sure it was nice and wet so it would slide smoothly past my ***** lips and into my hot, honey hole.

After I licked him for a few minutes, I slid my skirt up around my waist, and with my back to his chest, I grabbed his **** and slid down his shaft. He was so hard. He had a beautiful, full, erect ****. It was just right, the length and girth were perfect. He held my breast and squeezed my nipples as I rode him, I was squirting milk everywhere, but I didn't care, I wasn't going to stop, it felt TOO GOOD!!!

But just as we were really getting into it, I saw my door knob turn!! He panicked, but I didn't and continued to ride him even hard and faster then before. I knew the only person with a key to my office was my husband and I knew he wouldn't mind. And just then my door opened and there stood my husband, all 6'4" of him towering over us as we were ******* in my desk chair. He quickly asked what was going on and I explained. I think my salesman was surprised he wasn't made, surprised he didn't yell and even more surprised that I kept going. After I explained, my husband stood directly in front of me and unbuttoned his pants too and began stroking his **** right in front of my face. I grabbed it. I started stroking it for him, so I was riding my salesman, reverse cowgirl style and stroking my husbands ****! It was amazing.

I asked my husband if he wanted me to stop or if he wanted to **** me to which he replied, no need, just let me get in on this too. So I kept ******* my salesman and started sucking my husband off. He loves a good blow job! This went on for a few more minutes and my salesman mentioned that he was getting ready to ***, and since he didn't have a condom on and I'm not on birth control I asked him to pull out, my husband threw me up on my desk, tossed my legs up in the air, over my head and just began driving me, he was ******* me so hard I didn't know if he was just that turned on or ******* me so hard because part of him was upset, (I later asked and he just explained it was because he was so aroused, he couldn't help himself) my salesman stood on the side of my desk and continued to stroke his **** right over my face. Now I was milking my own breasts and squirting milk everywhere, on my husband, on me, on my salesman, on his ****, it was everywhere! He said he was going to *** and I opened my mouth, my husband slowed down for a bit so that my salesman could get a good aim, we all know it hard to hit a moving target, and he jacked off right in my mouth, to which I swallowed and licked my lips and just then my husband filled my dripping wet, still tight as ever hot ***** with the biggest load of ***. I could feel his **** pumping me full of his sweet, thick and creamy baby making nectar.

Afterward, we passed around a box of tissues, we all cleaned up and my salesman left my office and went back to work. I told him this was to never to be discussed again, or until next time. He smiled, agreed and closed the door behind him. My husband stood there and asked me a few more questions, mostly about work and he too left my office, after all, we were all very busy and had lots of work to do. It's not easy being the boss lady, but someone's got to keep these boys in line!

i like your story, very nice

You are the best boss ever, what a lucky employee

That sounds amazing!

i think ur husband really satisfied with u..hope i soon get a girl with lots of milk...:)

What a great story! Too bad plenty of men and women aren't this interested in lactation, it truly is a wasted blessing for most.I loved that you sucked your own breasts, my girlfriend does that sometimes when she is really full.

The image of you sleeping nude and waking up to being drenched in your own breast milk is incredibly hot <3
Your husband is a damn lucky guy, haha! If I were him and I walked in to find you like that, I'd lick you clean before sucking your nipples for more :3

its great to hear that you cherish it and love it. awesome stories. would love to be added as a friend

wao. my wife will be in her 9th month next week. but she is not lactating. you certainly got me going. Is you skin fair and ur nipples dark pink or tan. I would love to see. ur description made me soo worked up. Cant image how u look with full breasts leaking. wao. what a sight. I would just lay in bed and suckle all day if i was with u.
so sweet.

so delicious - hope u add me

wow ...loved your pics & now that you say you are pregnant...they must have swollen in size...oh it must be so sexy to have milk all day long the sweet pain of engorgement ...knowing that they will soon be emptied only to be filled again deserve to be loved the way your hubby are not only nurturing his body but his soul too..your pics are the shape, size & colour of your boobies...your hubby is really lucky..

Good Show....Keep it up. Should be blessed with more milk & a cute baby....

wow it is a gift from the heaven and you are a the same for your husband, you so full of nectar dripping from your huge breast, i would be in heaven