My Aunt Breastfed Me..

Hello Frnds... my name is hari... i would like 2 share my first experience of drinking breast milk from my aunts boob.. this incident happen in the month of June a rainy day, when my parents went for my brothers admission in chennai.. as my house was locked and my mom told 2 wait in aunts house till they come... i am doing a tally course and my classes are unto afternoon... it was raining heavily when i'm coming back and aunt scolded me by saying that why do come in this huge rain and u can wait somewhere until rain is over. My aunts name is Jaya n her husband is working in Sharjah.. in the vacation times she will also fly to sharjah and come back when the school reopens... she had two kids one is studying in second standard and other having months old.. my aunt is looking good and we are close to each other.. and now i will come to the incident... on that day aunt told me to change my dresses and come and take the lunch.. she finished her lunch and watching the TV... she was breastfeeding the baby that time.. she usually breastfeed in front of me and i didn't ever feel it like an erotic act.. i love her whitish boob, her nipple is big n her areola is big in size.. but i never feel like to watch it and go for a ************.. she finished feeding her left breast and changed the baby to the right breast.. i asked to aunt that time aunt what is the taste of breast milk is it similar to cow..??? she smiled at me and said that its tasteless ... n she said to me that my mom was breastfed me up to an age of 5 yrs... she told me that i'm very naughty and always ask my mom to feed me.. at last she stopped feeding me when her breast stopped producing milk.. she laughed at me like anything... she told me that she also having lot of milk as my mom if u want to drink take a glass or bowl from the kitchen and come... i think that she was joking at me.. she told don't u want to know the taste bring the glass.. then i told that if my mom feeded me up to 5 yrs then i know how to drink breast milk .. she again laughed at me and show her left breast and told me drink her milk... it was just a normal act nothing sex or erotic things in it.. hot milk come to my mouth it was a little sour taste but good.. guys breast milk is good when we drink directly from a women breast.. i drink her milk till the breast become empty.. she told me that i was very first experience to breastfed a grown up boy... after that she never giv me her milk.. she told me that breast milk are always for babies.. but the mainthing happend in my life after this incident is that i become a hardcore lactation lover... now i feel like erotic when i see breastfeeding, women with breastfeeding babies and also public breastfeeding... i want to start a Adult breastfeeding relationship soon...!! those who are aware o f this reply me....
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so do you still drink her milk??? if yes then it must be hot...

It is nice that your aunt let you nurse, even for that one time. :D

Blessed hari,it is v good et Pl go for it immediately,if it is urgent to

Is she pretty

best drinking milk

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pl tel me is it real? where are u from in india?

j agee with you am 25 y and i love breastfeeding but i can't my mother that but i love to that

I can understand, I have wanted to taste breastmilk for years.

In English, rather than saying "change my dresses," I think you would mean "change my clothes" or "change my clothing."