10 Tips For New Moms


Breast-feeding for BEGINNERS


Everything you need to know about breast-feeding your baby.

1. It's a VERYgood idea to take a breast-feeding class before you have the baby.

2. Find a "La Leche League" support group for breast-feeding moms in your area: http://www.LLLI.org/

3. When you have the baby, let the nurses know you are breast-feeding and that you need an LC (Lactation Consultant) to help get you started.

4. This website will help you to Latch ON your baby with illustrations and photos: http://www.breastfeeding.com/helpme/helpme_images_latchon.html Be sure your baby makes a "fish face" or it's gonna hurt!

5. These products are sold at Walmart and target and they will help you in various ways: http://www.lansinoh.com/index.php?submenu=Products&src=gendocs&link=LansinohProductsLanding&category=Main Personally, I use the wipes, the ointment, latch assistant, and the nursing pads. FYI: You can also use the ointment in between your baby's neck-rolls to sooth irritation or rash.

6. Get an automatic breast pump AND a manual breast pump in case the automatic one breaks, I purchased a cheap Evenflo Automatic breast pump at Walmart and it works fine. I also invested in a Dr Brown's manual pump and bottles... To store your milk, I recommend that you get some Snappies: http://www.snappiescontainers.com/

7. Don't rush to have people over until you're comfortable because the first week is the hardest!

8. Get lots of comfortable nursing bras, nursing tanks, vneck and button up shirts for easy access, not throw up! My baby only spits up a tiny bit if i forget to burp her. You want to be as comfortable as possible since you WILL have to sleep with your nursing apparel on. FYI: Places that nursing friendly apparel are Target, Walmart, the Motherhood and various websites.

9. The TOP 3 things you can't live without:

I. a Boppy!

II. an Infantino Sling

III. and Soothies (http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?id=prod380209&CATID=100371&skuid=sku380210&V=G&ec=frgl_611003&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku380210)

10. Make sure you have lots and lots of light weight blankies because it can get HOT! FYI: When you're at the mall and you don't feel comfortable nursing while you shop, find a dressing room! Most women workers will be nice about it. Otherwise, put your baby in a sling and cover up with a light blanket and shop away! If you are on the road and your baby starts to cry and you're not close to home, stop by a Starbucks, get a latt'e and find yourself a little corner to nurse your baby. They have clean restrooms, great drinks, soft music, and lots of patrons and employees that are also parents. You can stay parked in your car, but that is your choice.

Should you ever get discouraged about breast-feeding because of societal pressures, do NOT give up! Do some research online about the benefits of breast-feeding, attend La Leche League monthly meetings, and talk to other moms about your feelings or concerns. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do whether you choose to breast-feed or not. Good luck to you and your beautiful baby!

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3 Responses Jan 2, 2009

breastfeeding can be very hard, especially at first, but if you stick with it, it is the most wonderful and rewarding experience! You are providing your baby with a precious gift that only you can give. Initially it can be very difficult and discouraging but in as little as 6 weeks it becomes the easiest and most convenient way to nourish your baby. hang in there and remember that any amount of breastmilk is beneficial, and that breastfeeding is more than just food for baby, in other words the cuddling, suckling, comfort, and bonding that baby receives is priceless!

I breast fed both of my daughters. I had a difficult time with my first one, but with the help of a wonderful nurse I perservered. I am so glad I did.