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The Plastic Bag

There is this woman I have been seeing casually for about 4 years until recently where she has had to move away.  She is generally rigid about any variety when it comes to sex.  I like variety ;) and I like to be in charge ;).  Well one day about 6 months ago I decided enouh is enough.  I brought some translucent white plastic garbage bages with me.  after going down on her for a bit, I paused and took out one of the translucent white plastic bags and told her I was going to put it over her head.  She objected again as she did when I talked to her about doing this with her a day or two earlier during a phone call and web chat.  During that talk she knew what breath control was about in a sense andd had a the fear of it killing her as she had read about that on her own before I brought this up with her the few days earlier.  I told her I had no intent of causing her to go unconscious and to jusst try and trust me.


After a big of objection to the idea she allowed me to put the plastic bag over her head.  Then I went down on her again and and resumed eating her out.  AS I did she started to breath deeper and harder due to the plastic bag over her head which I did not tie down or such.  the bag was large and draped down past her hard nipples.  As she strainged for air the plastic bag started to pull tigh to her mouth and nose area.  I left the bag on her face, but liced the bottom part for her to get more air again.  I allow this for about 30 seconds then draped the bag down over her breasts again as I did not pause my eating of her ***** during that time.  Again about 45 seconds later she would start to slowly strain for air and again Ilet the bag cling to her mouth and nose again as she stained a bit harder.  I could feel as I was down on her ***** and **** how much more excited she was as she started to strain for air.  Again I lifted the bag to let more air back in, this time only for 15 seconds as I told her to get as much air as she could, she tried and then I put the bag bak down as I kept eating her quivering *****.  This time it was about a minute before she started to show signs of straining for air and I let her stain linger this time as I then paused while she strained for air from eating her to kiss her lips with the bag between her lips and my lips as she started to struggle a bit more for air.  I then lifted the bag up and went down in her again and left the bag up for about 2 minutes.  I then pulled the bag back over her face as I continued to eat her out.  Each time se started to stain a little for air I could feel her **** get much harder and moe sensitive to my lips and tongue.  i would suck her **** harder each tiem she started to stain for air and that made her strain for air even faster.  This time as I stayed down on her quivering ***** I pulled the bag down so she would not lift the bag off herself and make her struggle longer.  As she struggled a bit longer for air and the bag clinged to all of her face I could feel my **** get very very hard and full.  I let the bag open and pulled it back from her face yet again.


By this time it had been about 25 minutes of her mostly having the bag over her face.  I told her to get lots of air and allowed her about 20 seconds to do so as I kept telling her to breath deep and I kept eating her *****.  I then pulled the bag over her and and kept eating her until about a minute laterr she started to show the first signs of strainign for air.  I stopped eating her and mounted her and dove my throbing hard **** into her very tight wet *****.  As I did she gulped at the intensity of the feeling of my **** pushing into her tight wet ***** and then a deep thurst of my **** with my balls to her ***** lips.  As I did so she started to breath so fast the bag clung to her entire face.  As the bag clung to her face I kissed her lips on the bag as I pumped her ***** with my throbing hard **** trying to hold my **** and load from exploding.  I then pulled my lips off the bag where her lips were and let her stain a bit more breathing as I started to feel my **** loose utter control.  As my **** started to loose utter control and she could feel my **** in her tigh ***** start to loose control she struggled to breathe as there was no more air to breath in the bag.


I pulled the bag off her head and told her to breath deep and fast.  She did as she needed to get air insidde her again and as she breathed deep and fast she pushed her **** hard to my **** for a very deep dive into her very hot, not just sexually, but her pusy was on fire and that heat of her ***** caused my **** to loose complete control and explode a very large long load deep into her ****.  After my load had exploded my **** was still hard and I continued to pump her *****, **** and buring hot **** for at least another 10 minutes after my load as I kept bringing her to repeated *******.


Finially after 10 - 15 minutes my **** started to go limp and I slowly pulled out of her.  She said she was dizzy from the experience and it was intense.  When I asked her if the bag and restricting her air was part of what made it so intense she would have this familar laugh when she said "NO".  I know that laough and "NO" context.  Wehn I pressed her to be honest she repeated the same laugh and "NO" a few more times each time I asked until she finially said the famous woman word "Maybe"!  lol lol

BreathControlGuy BreathControlGuy 56-60, M 8 Responses Apr 7, 2010

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very wonderful story, I would love to try this with my wife but she doesn't even like the thought of any type of breath play. I have done it to myself many a time but am still waiting to experience it with a partner

Wow great story. I got hard reading it. It was such an arousing moment. I use a clear plastic bag over my head in the bath. It gives me a huge ****** every time.

Good for you. Maybe one day I will bag you and suck you.

Mmmmmmmm sounds interesting !!

so jealous.... ;)

Why are you Jealous ;)

oh, you /know/ why ◔ ⌣ ◔


Well let me know when you like to experience such a story in real life. ;)

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Try complete bondage with a ball gag and watch for complete bliss! What do you think? Greg in n.j.

I love being on the receiving end. Now you need to take it to the next level and tie her hands, then use the bag

Actually I have tied her hands and legs doing this, but have not written about it.

Cool - whet a turn on it is to see someone struggle for air. I enjoy this type of play too.

Awesome story!!!

I agree!!!