Reality Marble

One of my Reality Marbles is this...

"My world is stained in Crimson."

It has a full crimson moon in the sky, which has stained the entire area, even the darkest clouds, with crimson. Basically a shade of crimson light is upon everything.

My spirit animals, the Red Wolves, are everywhere - in normal form and "red flame" (spiritual) form.

I myself wear crimson clothing which glows and I have donned red wings with violet-indigo trim.

My hair has become long straight hair made of red flame...

Beyond the clouds one might be able to see the Red Dwarf sun... And a bloody sea is beyond the horizon.

I take out my crimson weapon and quickly run up to my enemy, slice them, and bolt away. Their blood leaves them in a spiral shape, climbing into the red sky...

With a gruff voice I speak "Feast". The wolves all jump at him...and devour him.

"My world is stained in Crimson."
Lyfin Lyfin
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2011

Wow.... That was really creepy. 0.0