Wife Gets Knocked Up

Hey I have been letting my wife have sex with anyone she wants too. one night when she came home to me *** filled, I got to thinking...she was on the birth control so I really didn't care other men came in her...so after I ****** her used ***** I asked her if she wanted to get pregnant...and she immediately said YES!!!! so I told her to stop taking her birth control and for any guy that she ***** has to *** in her and not think twice..I told her that I will not have sex with you until you prove to me and you are pregnant so I know for sure its not mine....flash forward 3 weeks...IM PREGNANT...and the rest in history she loved all of the extra sex she gets and everything and i loved it all. she is now 6 weeks pregnant and we dont know who the father is!!!
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wow.... i couldn't believe there r people like u?

so what happened to the pregnancy bro? pls update

It is so so exciting for a wife or GF to come home full of another guy's *** - to go down on her and lick her, then **** her and fill her with my ***....I love it...the pregnancy risk makes it all the better :))

its looks like u love it

I only wish I could talk my wife into that, we have lots of 3somes with other guys but she will not get off birth control, you are both so lucky

My brother was the ***** donor for our first 3 children. He was 16 & lived out of state. He would visit for the summer & she would **** him with my permission while I was at work. She has been dating a black guy from work & finally ****** him Friday night bareback

why do u allowed this (breeding of wife by ur brother that too 3 times) for excitement or there is some other reason?

That is wonderful that you let your wife **** your brother and he made her pregnant 3 times and had his children ...do the children know that your brother is their father ? But nothing like keeping it in the family ...do you want this black guy to **** your wife pregnant as well ? And do you get to watch them ******* as well or do they **** while your at work and do they **** in your marital bed as well ?

I hope this black guy has a big **** and your wife likes it inside her ******* her

Excellent. Congratulations! Have fun raising the strong bull baby.

Wow, I envy you. I wish I could get my wife to **** someone else and get pregnant. She is extremely hot slim white brunette in the Cleveland area. She is not on the pill. We've been talking for some time a bout the idea and would consider have sex w someone else but she thinks I'm crazy for asking her to breed with another man. Keep us posted on her pregnancy.

my wife has a baby by my friend and now she is pregnant by him again, i get to clean all of his c*m out of her ***** after he has shot his load in her, i also get to kiss her after he has came in her mouth, i sleep in one of our other rooms while they **** and sleep in our marital bed !

When I was in the Air Force a buddy of mineknockewd upmy wife, later she got bred again by another b uddy who was a bull. I was forced to suck himoff ansd watch him as my wife begged him to breed her.

very hot knowing ur wife is full of another mans *** mmmm

you know my wife says that the whole idea of ******* is for the man to shoot his *** in her *****. as for protection such as birth control pills or condom. she says that is so unnatural

wow... i would totally do that if i didn't have to worry about the cost of a kid (or a kid for that matter)

Yep, My wife had her tubes tied so that all her lovers could enjoy ******* inside her as much as she enjoyed them ******* inside her, She loves the Throbbing ***** as they pump the HOT ***** into her Wanting *****!

Has the baby come yet? What was it? Is she going to have another anytime soon?

very. hot story love to think about anothers ***** deep in her *****

I have done that alot with my wife and I love it!

How about we arrange for me to provide nr. 2. 6'1", 175 lbs.. very high IQ, all my hair and teeth (loL). hung, cut and d/d free.

thats hot!

thats hot!

my wife has had 5 babies. first 2 we now know are not mine. i just found out recent. have to get the others dna tested. first 2 are my best friends babies.

was any of them yours

ill see what i can do

It is indeed hot & sexy. Now what would be really hot is to let us see some pics of this fantasticly sexy woman. PLEASE??

thats it was soo hot when we found out. I having been ******* her non stop well plus she still ***** her boyfriends

Thats pretty hot to think about!!! <My first wife could have gotten PG by another man because she always letr them *** in her but it never happened. I used to get so hot knowing she had another guys *** in her -- the risk was delicious!!

my wife had one black guy then but we dont know it he knocked her up or not