A Mfm That Gets Me Thinking I Should Breed My Wife Since We Can't Get Pregent.

Jan is a very sexy woman, 25 years old, 5'2, 105 lbs, dark hair, nice perky B size ****, an amazing body, and perfect personality. She grew up in a really sexually repressed family and when I first met her everything was Taboo to her. She has loosened up a lot since our dating years, but I think there is a tiger in there just waiting to come out. Out of all her friends she is by far the all around best one out of all them so I am pretty sure all my buddies are jealous of me. She is always getting looks from other guys but she pretty much shrugs it off. I couldn't have been luckier. This is why I always wanted the best for Jan with anything, I am just so lucky to have her that that is my goal everyday to thank her for just giving me the joy of having her. But on my birthday last year I think I topped it all. We ended up at a local bar drinking with a bunch of friends, we were all playing pool and talking and before I knew it the place was closing. Now taking into consideration that it was a weeknight and everyone was pretty much headed home to try to get some sleep so that they can try to make it to work the next day. But my buddy Jim rode with us to the bar so we needed to give him a ride back to my place to get his car for him to go home. On the way home we all laughed and joked around about the night and old times, when we got to our condo I invited Jim in for some more beer since I didn't need to go to work the next day and either did he. When we got into the house me and Jim got some beers and started watching TV, Jim sat on once couch and I sat at the other, while Jan went into the room to get ready for bed. Jim and I were talking about **** and I told him I had this really good one and one of the girls looked like a girl we new from high school. So we started watching the **** when Jan came into the room to kiss me goodnight. She was wearing a pair of my boxers with a little tank top, she didn't mind Jim seeing her wear that since we have all know each other for many years. While she walked in she saw what were watching and decided to sit next to me and watch along with us. Now at that point I started to get really hot. Thinking about me and Jan having sex, but then a ********* scene came on with two guys and one girl and I could tell Jan was getting into it because she stopped commenting on the ***** was just watching intensely, I started to think about the three of us having sex, now me and my wife have never ever brought up ********** in a serious manner, we may have joked about it a little bit but never took it any farther then joking, which is what made this night so unbelievably great. As we watch the ***** I could feel my **** getting hard in my pants and my breath getting short the more I watched. I was getting so turned on that I said to Jim and Jan "either we all start messing around or I am going to just start jacking off!" Jan had a bit of a nervous laugh about it but the I unzipped my pants and was about to pull my **** out when I pulled Jan to me and started kissing her, we kissed for about a minute and I could feel Jan's ***** getting wet, she started to slip her hand down my chest to my **** when out of the blue I picked her up and passed her to Jim. She sat on Jim's lap and started kissing him and Jim was all about it. He undressing her, which wasn't hard since she only had a pair of boxers and tank top on. I sat on the other couch admiring my wife's beautiful body and man that was hot. I could feel my heart in my ears! They kissed for a while and it was like watching a ***** with the sexiest woman in the world in it, my wife. Then I saw my wife do something I would have never guess, she slowly rolled down Jim's lap and was kissing down his chest through his shirt down to his stomach, and in my head I was thinking she was going to take his shirt off. But she started to undo his belt to get at his **** which was pretty much tearing a hole in his pants. So there my wife was, naked on her knees between my best friend's legs getting ready to pull his **** out and she is doing this like she is a pro, she doesn't even look back at me to see if it is ok or to give me a look as if she was nervous. I was watching in pure amazement. She slowly took the head of his throbbing **** into her mouth and rubbing his balls with her other hand. From the looks of it I could tell Jim was bigger then I was, it was dark and I really couldn't see that well, but I am only about 6 inches and it looked bigger then mine at least 7-8 inches and pretty thick. Even though Jim was a guy and my best friend, I couldn't help but look at his ****, I mean my wife is giving him head and it is like I am watching a ****, what was I supposed to do, be polite and turn away, my wife is sucking his **** for Christ sakes, he is lucky I am not charging him, lucky bastard. And I am sorry even in *****'s I look at the guys dicks, it is part of the show. Now my wife has given me many blow jobs, but watching giving her give someone else one of her awesome blow jobs was amazing. It is like an out of body experience, I kept thinking is this really happening, I was so turned on that I thought I was going to faint. So while Jan was sucking Jim's ****, I went behind her and brought her off her knees so I could bend her over and suck Jim's **** while I ****** her from behind. She stood up with out even breaking stride sucking Jim's ****, it was amazing. As I slowly slid into Jan's wet ***** I was amazed how wet she was, it was as if we stumbled onto her greatest fantasy. She was like a pro, getting ****** from behind and sucking **** at the same time. Jan stopped for a second and stood up and then knelt over Jim's **** as slid inside Jan's ***** it was driving me wild. I always love to see Jan riding my ****, but to watch her over Jim's big **** was inspiring. I sat back and slowly played with my **** while watching Jan ride Jim's. About 20 minutes into it I could tell Jan was about to ***, and so could Jim, he pushed her off of him and laid her on the floor and began to eat her out. Commenting on how good she tasted and how he was going to make her *** over and over again. While he was eating Jan's ***** I got on my knees and fed Jan my **** and without hesitation Jan began to suck my **** like it was the last one on earth, I kept having to pull away so that I wouldn't *** to soon from all the excitement. Jim must have eaten her out for a good 45 minutes, all I know I heard her *** at least 4 times and Jan can normally only *** once before she says it hurts, but she kept going. So I knew she was loving every minute of it. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and she needed a rest. So Jim stopped and we both sat there with our **** still throbbing from not ******* yet watching Jan lay on the floor exhausted like **** star after a ********. Then Jan noticing our still hard ***** grabbed both in each one of her hands and led them over to us. She began to suck on Jim's **** while ******* mine then switching off, sucking mine ******* Jim's. I could never imagine Jan being so good in a ********* but, she was better then any ***** or dream I have ever had. When she felt us both getting ready to *** she started to jack us both off over her. I don't know how she managed it, but she got us to both *** at the same time on her **** and face. After wards I could tell she was a bit nervous and shy and she said to Jim that this was my fantasy, but seeing how much of a pro she was at taking two ***** pretty much assured me it was defiantly hers. Now I am just waiting for the next big night, even though every time I **** Jan it is better and better, there was just something about that night...
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great story

now how the hell do I finagle an invite over to your condo now?

Fantastic & sexy first time story!! thanks Now how about posting some pictures of this new hot wife!!