My Amazing Gf

Not that long ago my girlfriend got pregnant and we didnt know if I was the father or the black man she was sleeping with. She gave birth to a beautiful white baby boy, the thrill that she was having his baby was a huge turn on for us.

Since then we mellowed out a bit for a while taking care of the new child in our lives and work and family.

Now she is going to get herself bred by a black man. it is such an exciting thought for me that I popped a hardon instantly and made her suck my hard **** until I fed her a load of my *****. after we had some fun I told her I will not *** inside her anymore until she is pregnant with our black baby.

she loves the thought of being a black *** dump and getting impregnated while I watch take pictures and video. we have setup a time with one guy to come over and **** her silly already amd we are both looking forward to it. I have bent her over and ****** her right in the kitchen I was so horny thinking about it, she got on her knees and I shot my *** all over her face.

I told her that I would love to bend a black chick over and **** a baby into her while my gf watches. the hard part is finding a black chick in wyoming that would want to enjoy doing something like this.
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with both of my youngest daughters were born, there was a chance either of them could have been fathered by other men. The last one could have been a black man...this thrilled me to no end. I would have loved the child as much as the one I have different.