Ann's Breeding

Ann and Tom was a young couple soon to be married in a few short months.  They met in college and been to together since. Tom was an accountant at big firm and Ann was a surgical nurse at the local hospital for the last two since they both graduated. They bought they house year after graduated and now was planning the wedding.  Ann figured that since they were getting married it was time to plan a family also. So they start to work on that, because Ann wants to be pregnant a month before or a month after the big date. 


Ann was 26 yr old fair skin redhead that you knew when you looked at her, she was of Irish background. She only stood 5 ft 4 inch, 145lbs and was curvy in every way. Nice 38D breasts and very sexual to the point of very vocal during sex and multi-orgasmic.  Tom was like any other 27 yr old average guy. Blonde hair blue eyes type. He stood 5 ft 10 inch and weight 190lbs with little beer belly. He tries to keep in shape by playing softball with a local team.  As I said earlier Tom was an average man, he only was six inches when hard. They both were very adventurous sexually having both ********** and a swap now and then.


Well they have been trying to have baby for about month and half now.  Ann thought it was her because of the birth control she took for so long but, with everything going on, after Ann and he went to see the doctor about it.  Tom seems to be having problem with his swimmers.  They seem to be lazy.  But Ann was bound and determined to get pregnant. One way or another.  Tom felt down but Ann told him no matter what she loved him and things will have a way to work themselves out. It hit Tom really hard, so Ann called Tom's best friend and best man for the wedding. Rick was the total opposite of Tom, he was 6 ft 2 inches tall 255lbs. Rick was of Latin and Native American decent, dark olive skin black hair and very dark brown eyes. Tom and Rick best friends since high school. Rick moved two hrs away from Tom and Ann so they really didn't get to see other much.  When Ann called Rick and told him that Tom was having problems with everything but she didn't go into details. Rick said that he would help out and talk to Tom. So on Friday, Rick called Tom and told him that they were going out, boy’s night out, just him and Tom to get Tom to relax a little.


After being at the bar for two hours, Tom told Rick what was really bugging him, that he was unable to get Ann pregnant.  Rick felt so bad for Tom, he said that he would do anything or help pay for anything to get Tom and Ann that baby.  Rick told them that he would be will to donate his ***** to them.  Tom thanks him, but he would have to talk to Ann about it.  That was the end of it and they both enjoyed the evening together.


Next few days Tom kept thinking about what Rick told him.  He kept playing it over and over in this head.  He was trying to figure out how to approach Ann and talk to her about it.  Until one day he just went for it, he had Ann meet him for lunch so he could talk to her about it. Tom told Ann about Rick’s idea about donating his ***** to them. Well Ann already looked in to artificial insemination, and found out it was very expensive.  Plus there is a chance that it would take.  Which would leads to more visits and more money.   Money that they didn’t have, after putting so much into the house and wedding.  Ann also said that she doesn’t like the idea of having her child conceived in a lab.  Then Ann’s eyes lit up as she thought of the idea of just having a ********* with some guy that she can pick out, that looks close to Tom. So that no one would ever know that Tom wasn’t the father.  But instead of having the guy use a condom, she would just go bareback. 



Tom thought about the idea and he liked the Idea of seeing his wife get ****** bareback.  He said sure, so we will place an ad on the swinger website looking

for the future father. 


Tom placed an ad asking for a third to join them for a night of fun. Stating the must be    clean, disease free, healthy, and a nonsmoker.  He also added must be hung inches plus, that’s was for Ann’s pleasure. But in Tom’s mind, he always wanted to see his wife get ****** by a large ****.  He then posted the ad and photo of Ann’s body as the public photo and nude photos in the private section.  In an hour they had 20 or so replies.  Tom showed Ann, so she could start to look through them.  Ann looked through the first batch and no luck; no one matched what they were looking for. This went on for couple weeks and no luck.  Ann was getting discouraged her wedding was coming up fast and she wanted to be pregnant.


One night Rick was at home, looking around the internet and came across a swinger website.  He thought what the heck he would join it and paid for a full membership so he could check out the private photos.  After fill everything out and getting his credit card info, he went to browse the members in his area.  He saw a lot of hot looking woman looking sex and fun times.  Then he curiously checked his hometown, when he came across a familiar picture but it didn’t have a face in the picture. So he clicked on it and was total surprised when he saw the private pictures.  It was Ann nude in front of his eyes.  He read the ad and was even more surprised that his best friend and wife liked to swing.  He kept looking at her pictures and it was getting his **** rock hard.  He started to stroke his **** and thinking about her.  He was tempted to answer the ad but thought he better not.  He closed the web page and tired not to think about his best friend’s wife like that. But it kept coming back to him.


A couple days later Tom called Rick up and asked if he want to go with him to run some errands to run for the wedding.  Rick said sure since he was the best man.  But the real reason why he wanted to go was to be able to see Ann in person.  After some of errands, Tom and Rick hit the local sport bar to get some food and a couple beers. As they sat there drinking their beer and waiting for their food, Rick said that he saw Ann’s ad on swinger website.  Tom was shocked and yet excited, that Rick found out their swing lifestyle. Tom explained to Rick about how they been in the lifestyle and how much fun they had with the ********** and swapping. Plus all the bad crap that also that happens.  Rick’s **** was hard while listening to Tom. Tom noticed Rick’s bulge in his pants as he got to use the bathroom. Well after Rick and Tom finished their meals and drinks, Tom asked Rick to come on back to the house and hang out for awhile to keep Ann off his back about wedding stuff.  Rick said ok and they head out to Tom’s house.


When they got to house Ann was having a few drinks with her friend Michelle. Ann was giddy and laughing.  When she saw Rick was with Tom, Ann gave Rick big hug and kiss hello.  Michelle told Tom that she and Ann had a few drinks to break the tension of planning of the wedding.  Then she told Tom that she had to run for her husband was going to back fishing soon.  Michelle said her goodbyes and left.  Ann asked Rick if he wanted a drink and for Tom to get him one.  Ann then told Rick to come join her on the back deck to watch the sun set and to light a fire in the pit.  So Rick followed Ann outside with Tom not far behind with drinks.  Well they sat on the deck and watch the sun go down and made small talk.



Laughing and enjoying themselves Ann was getting drunk and with each drink she had the more she was flirting with Rick.  Ann looked at Tom and told him to fire up the hot tub, so she could go and relax in it after a rough day. Tom went over turned on the tub to get it nice and hot. While Ann stumbled into the house to go get her bathing suit.  


Ann came back from the house, wearing her sting thong bikini that she bought for there honeymoon to Jamaica. The problem was she was having problems tying the back.  So her boobs were hanging out in front of Rick, which Rick didn’t mind and Tom just smiled.  Tom helped tied the back up for her and she went jumping into the hot tub.  She sat in the tub relaxing and enjoying the bubbles more ways than one.  Ann looked over at Tom and Rick sitting at table, she told them to come join her.  Tom said that he would but Rick was there and he didn’t have a suit. Ann told Tom to let Rick borrow one of his.  Tom just laugh and Rick said that he couldn’t fit into one of Tom’s suits.  Ann with a mischievous  grin said  then don’t wear one.  Rick said that he didn’t know about that and he didn’t know how Tom would feel about that. Ann said don’t worry about Tom, he would ok with it. Wouldn’t you Tom?  Tom said yea no problem.  Rick sat and thought and then say what the heck he stood up and took off his shirt. Tom got up and since Rick was going to be naked so would he.  Tom ******** off his clothes and head for the hot tub. Just as Tom entered the hot tub, he looked over at Rick as Rick was pulling down his pants.  Tom was shock as was Ann when they saw the large bulge in Rick’s underwear. Rick paused then pulled his underwear down to reveal his ****. Tom and Ann just looked and stared, with Ann mouth hanging open.  Rick’s **** was about 7 inches soft and as rounds as a coke can.  The head was reddish in color and larger than the shaft.  Tom had no idea that Rick was that big.  Ann was just in shock.  Rick got into the tub and Tom settled into the tub.  Ann was speechless as they all sat and soak but she kept look at Rick.  She is thinking about that **** between his legs.  Ann was getting turned on know that monster **** was sitting across from her.  Ann looked at Tom and Rick and said that she felt over dressed.  Ann stood up and took off her top and her 38D boobs fell free with her nipples rock hard.  As she went to take off her bottoms, she fell forward and her hand landed right on Rick’s ****. She felt a semi hard ****.  But it was funny she couldn’t wrap her hand around that ****. It was so dam big.  She apologized to Rick but he said it was ok.  Ann sat back down this time grabbing Tom now hard ****.  Ann lean over and kissed Tom, whispering to him that she wanted to feel Rick’s **** in her *****.  She then got up and moved over to Rick and kissed Rick. Then asked Rick if she could suck his ****. Rick said only if it’s ok with Tom.  Tom won’t mind will you honey. 


Ann told Rick to sit on the edge the tub so she gets a good look at that ****.  As Rick rose out of the water, Ann was total shock to see this 11 inch hard **** standing straight out.  She looked at Tom and said MY GOD, TOM LOOK AT THAT ****!  IT’S **** HUGH!  Ann tried to wrap her hand around it but her finger just wouldn’t touch.   Ann stroked that massive member a couple times, making Rick moan a little.  She bent down and put her mouth over his head. Sucking as hard as she could to get more of it in her mouth. She could taste his precum and it was sweet.  She tried to get more of that hard in her mouth but she just couldn’t, so she stroked that hard **** with her hand and sometimes with her tongue.  After a while of sucking on Ricks ****, Ann suggests that they going to the bedroom.




They all got of the tub and headed for the bedroom with Ann tightly hanging on to Rick’s ****.  When they entered the bedroom, Ann totally changed.  Pushing Rick on the bed and telling Tom to lick her ***** to get her ready to take Rick’s ****. Tom got behind his wife and licked her ***** but as he could tell she was wet already.  The wettest he has ever seen her.  Tom sucked on her **** and stuck a finger in her tight *****.  Ann was moaning on Rick’s ****.  Between sucks Ann was saying Oh god that feels so good and to keep eating her. She wanted to *** and Tom worked her over to get that first ******.  Ann told Tom that she want at least 3 fingers in her to get her ready for his ****.  Then she went back to sucking on Rick’s ****. Tom Stuck 3 fingers in her and keep working on that ****.  Then he heard the sounds that Ann was about to ***.  It slowly built up from slow moan to a load scream. OH **** OH **** I AM GOING TO *** ON YOUR **** TOUGUE HONEY!!!!  OH GOD THIS INCREDABLE!  OOOOOHHH ****!  As her body jerked and shacked as ****** after ****** crashed over her body.  After she stops shaking, she looked at Tom and then Rick. She told Tom that she didn’t know if she could take Rick’s **** in her *****.  But she was will to try. 


Rick told Ann and Tom that he would be gentle with her because he cared for then both.  Ann moved to the middle of the bed and kept rubbing her ***** to keep it wet.  Tom looked at Ann and said I will get him a condom. Tom went to the dresser draw and pulled out the largest condom he had, but he knew it wouldn’t fit on Rick’s ****.  But he would try anyways.  He gave it to Rick and Ann took out of Rick’s hand to put it on him. She opens it and put it on his **** head, it was tight fit. But she got it on over the head but when she tried to roll it down it didn’t go much further. It may only covered two thirds of his ****.  Ann then laid back to get ready to receive Rick’s ****. Rick lined his **** at the entrance of her *****. He rubbed his head up and down on her ***** lips. Then he pushed the head in. All the air rushed out of Ann’s lungs.  Ann felt her ***** stretched to take this massive ****.  Rick stopped and waited for Ann’s ***** to adjust.  He moved it back and forth a couple times then pushes some more in. Ann started to shake again feeling another ****** again.  OH **** GOD IT HUGH ITS HUGH! LOOK HONEY I AM ******* ON THAT HUGH ****! SO IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!  YOU LIKE THAT HONEY!!! I AM ******* ON YOUR FRIEND’S ****!  HE IS FILLING ME UP WITH THAT ****!  Then Ann told Rick to pull out. Rick and Tom thought there was something wrong. Rick pulled his **** out and Ann reached down and grabs the condom taking it off. I DON”T WANT THAT ******* CONDOM ON THIS ****! I WANT TO FEEL EVERY INCH IN ME!  I WANT THAT **** BACK IN ME! NOW! 


Rick once again lined up his **** to Ann’s ***** but it was easier as he pushed in his head.  He felt the tightness like before but he felt the wetness also.  Rick said the she was tight as ever and her ***** was nice and wet.  Ann said that it felt so much better feeling his bareback **** entering her ******* *****.  Rick was back to were he was before in depth, he pushed a little more in her, feeling her tightness until it gets adjusted to his size. Ann called Tom to look at her ***** and how it was stretched out from Rick’s ****. Tom was transfixed as Rick’s **** moved and how Ann’s ***** lips were tightly stretched around that hard monster. Tom just couldn’t believe that this hugh **** was going to fit in his wife’s tight little *****, because Tom knew it was kind tight for him, it must be really tight for Rick.  Rick was over half in when Ann demand him to push it all in.  COME ON SHOVE IT ALL INTO ME!  I WANT TO FEEL YOU DEEP INSIDE OF ME!  DEEPER THAN MY HUSBAND!  Rick pulled out a little then shove his **** back in until he could feel his head hit the cervix. He knew that if he soon would in the womb. 




When Rick shoved in his **** Ann came again shaking uncontrollably and gasping for air.  OH ****! OH **** HE TOUCHING MY CERVIX!  ****! ****!   

Rick was now free to pump Ann. His **** was sliding in and out of her continuing wave after wave of ****** washing over Ann’s body. His **** was hitting all the right spots making Ann’s ***** a quivering mass. Tom was sitting there watching his friend **** his wife like she never had been **** before; he was transfixed on Rick’s **** and what it was doing to his wife.  Tom saw the white creamy *** from Ann’s ***** all over Rick’s hard ****.  Ann’s head was thrashing back and forth as Rick was increasing in tempo of his thrusting.  Rick could feel Ann’s cervix moving with each thrust, he knew that it was opening up to take his **** into her womb.


Ann wanted to change position, she want to ride Rick’s ****.  So she told Rick to lie down and she quickly ran her tongue along his shaft. She never told Tom but she loves the taste of *****. She sat over Rick with her back to Rick and grabbed his **** to guide back into her *****. As she lowered herself back on to his pole. She looked at Tom and told him. COME HERE I WANT YOU TO LICK MY ***** AS HIS **** SLIDES IN AND OUT OF ME!  SUCK MY ****!  Tom moved in to position to watch this **** go back into his wife. As she rode up and down, Tom tried his hardest to keep his mouth on her ***** but he kept licking and rubbing Rick’s ****.  Ann was pounding herself up and down on his ****. She was feeling a big ****** building up as watching her husband licking and sucking her ***** and Rick’s ****.  She was about to crest and she yell at Tom. SUCK MY ******* ****! I’M *******! OH GOD! I’M ******* ON THIS ******* ****!  Then Tom and Ann witnessed something that never happened before, she started to squirt and squirt again.  It was a nice steady stream of woman ***.  Tom just but his month on it and it was filling his month full of her ***.  Ann was shaking uncontrollably as she slid off of Rick. Ann laid there just breathing hard trying to catch her breath. Moan and rubbing her *****. She just couldn’t believe how good Rick **** made her feel and how she just squirted.  Tom looked at Ann’s ***** it was stretched and it was convulsing.  Tom put his fingers in her ***** and could feel her ***** muscles squeezing, it’s like it trying to milk his fingers.


Rick got up and his **** was rock hard.   He lifted Ann with ease and put her on her hands and knees. She was like rag doll in his arms. He was going to show her what a good ******* was all about.  He positioned himself behind her and stroked his **** a couple times. Rick looked at Tom and mouthed the words. I am going to breed this *****. With that he pushes his **** back in causing Ann to moan really loud.  Rick could still feel her ***** walls milking his ****. He started pushing in and out of her at a good pace. Making her beg for more ****. Ann looked over her shoulder at Tom and said “Come here and watch his **** as he ***** me!  I want you to get between my legs so when he comes, you can watch his **** pump me full of ***!  Tom did what she asked and watches his best friend **** his wife.  Ann started sucking Tom’s **** but it didn’t last too long. Rick started to increase the tempo and he could feel his **** head starting to enter the womb. Then with a nice deep push it popped in her womb. Now he knew he was in deep. Ann screamed in sheer pleasure. OH MY GOD! HE”S IN WOMB! HE”S SO DEEP! **** ME! **** ME! SLAM THAT **** IN ME! BREED ME!






Tom laid there and he could see the bulge in Ann’s abdomen moving back and forth. Ann was on one continuous ******.  Rick could feel the grip Ann’s ***** had on his **** as pounded in and out her *****.  He also felt the wetness of her ***** squirting with every down stroke, on his balls.  Tom watched Rick’s balls slapping Ann’s ****. With each thrust. Ann was begging to Rick.  COME FILL ME! FILL ME WITH THAT ***! I WANT TO SHOOT IT DEEP IN ME! BREED ME DAM IT! I WANT TO BE PREGNANT! CLAIM MY *****! MAKE IT YOURS!  ***! ***! WATCH BABY HE”S BREEDING ME! Rick felt his balls tighten. He knew he was going to ***.  He kept pumping in her ***** and womb. Trying to hold it back as long as he could.  But he pushes forward one more time push his **** as deep as it goes into womb. He felt that first hard shot and so did Ann. OH GOD IT SO HOT! OH HE PUMPING FULL AND IT’S SO DEEP! I FEEL YOU SHOOTING IN ME!  OH **** ME! IT”S IN MY WOMB BABY! HE BRED ME! OH GOD! YEEEEEESSSSS! OH YEA OH YEA! 


Tom lay watching this **** pumping and pumping hot *** into his wife.  When Rick’s **** was finished, he pulled out of Ann’s with pop. Ann lay on her back with her legs spread. Only just a tiny bit ran out of Ann’s gapping *****. Tom knew right then that Rick shot it deep in her.  Ann told looked at Tom and Rick and said that she could feel the warmth deep inside her.  Tom went over kissed his wife and she said that she loved him and she told Rick that she love him too and you for the great gift.  But she then said we’ll to do it couple more times so she knew she was good and pregnant!


That night Rick ****** Ann a total of three times and ******* deep in her each time. Tom watched every time. Ann sucked Tom off a couple time and after the last Rick ****** Ann, Tom got to **** her afterward.  Shooting what he could in to Rick’s ***.

After a long night Rick left for home.


Next morning Ann woke up and told Tom she could still feel her ***** full of ***.  Well Tom and Ann got married and she was month pregnant as planned. Thanks to Rick.  All three of them when on the honeymoon together. Tom and Ann’s gift to Rick.  8 months later they were blessed with a 7 lbs 8 oz baby girl.  She had dark eyes and black hair with olive skin. All three couldn’t be happier.               

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Love it!!

Great story - I hope Rick stays in their marriage and fathers more children - on the night of their wedding anniversary, when all three can look back on their ********* honeymoon...

Great story - I hope Rick stays in their marriage and fathers more children - on the night of their wedding anniversary, when all three can look back on their ********* honeymoon...

Big fantasy of mine

nice one