She Told Me She Was A ****.

I had a girlfriend for 4 years, she was 40 at that time. In her early twenties in a 3 year period, she said she had slept with 200 men. I wrote down the word, "man" 200 times on the computer. I wanted to see what 200 looked like. I was able to imagine 200 men standing there, and began to think about how long and how many times each one ****** her. I'm sure some were one night stands. I became really fascinated with this dynamic. I started thinking about 200 men all shooting thier *** in my girlfriend, one after another, repeatedly. It really turned me on. I enjoyed thinking about my girlf friend being a ****. It really excited me. Later part of our 4 year relationship, she asked if she could study with another classmate. He would come over during the day while I was working. I work long sometimes too. I'm sure they had sex alot and i liked knowing it. There were other days I would stay home, and we would screw all day, all over the house. I knew she was horny and if my **** wasnt there, she would have his larger one. Later after we split up, she cam to visit, she told me how thick his **** was, and longer than mine too. She ****** me that day and I loved thinking about his big **** stretching her, and her loving her new **** tool I love **** women. I would like to have one of my own, and she can run around and **** all the people she wants.
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4 Responses Nov 17, 2010

this would be my dream to find a wife free to have fun with me.

My girlfriend lost count. ba<x>sed on her current activity, I'd say she ***** 30 different guys a year. She probably did a bit more (back in the day). She has cheated on almost all of her boyfriends (even the good ones), and I think some of her ex husbands - but only after she found out he was cheating on her. She is faithful when she is in a committed relationship.

I guess you can easily say we are big freaks just like they are big ***** and it's a turn on knowing that they love to **** just like a man girl has had many lovers not 200 so she says but maybe a 100 and the thought excites me knowing that she love to meet strangers and have 1 night stands.the fact that she is super shy makes it more exciting lol

I like being with a woman who is free to do what she pleases in seeking sexual pleasure, just as long as she comes home at night and is respectful........I think it's hot :)