Being Gay

hi people i am gay and im 17 but im in denial becuase everyone thinks i am gay but i just wont come out that i am im sooo scared dont know i just cant and its gets me soooooo depressed its unreal lol x

lipcareo9 lipcareo9
2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

You learn to like the person you see in the mirror and it won't matter what anyone else thinks. Are you a person you would want to be friends with? really do some soul searching, be true to yourself and learn to love yourself....Good Luck..

I have a cousin who I am very close to and he is gay. He knew early on when he was in highschool. Most of the family was unaware and he didn't come out about it until he was in college. He told me how difficult it is to keep it a secret but told me that everyone who is gay comes out eventually at their own pace when they are ready to do so. He is very much loved by our whole family and is an amazing man! He is also a brilliant and talented artist! He has been with his mate now for over 15 years and he is treated just like part of the family we love him too!