I Need to Vent, Sorry British

I'm a very strong willed person and this has made it possible for me to cope with being on my own all the time. While my husband is off in whatever war zone or detachments that the RAF has sent him to. I'm the mother and father. The shoulder to cry on and for once I want a shoulder to cry on. I know Steven needs my reassurance when hes away. he frightened and what not. I can cope fine when its the kids that need something but when its my husband I just feel angry and upset. I feel like he is a big boy and can take care of himself. he doesn't think thing about me back home having to carry on and get on with my life or the fact when hes home he expects everything back to the way it was. I'm just honestly tired of being the strong one all the time. Where is my shoulder to cry on. But I love him and I know if he could change things he would.x

AmericanAngel04 AmericanAngel04
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I will and thank you. most days are good. but every so often a person can just go over the edge...x