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With My Entire Body

First I would like to say, the group page for this experience cuts off at the top, and didn't allow me to press the Me Too button to join the group. So I might be just writing this story without being a member of the group. And that's a shame since I DEFINATELY belong in this group! I have the scars to prove it! LOL
Secondly, I wouldn't recommend anyone using my drastic measures to break a window. There could be crying, screaming, (ok, it was hysteria for a few minutes until the shock set in), and blood loss involved. But in my own defence, I DIDN'T intend to break the window! I was simply a young child trying to race 3 cousins out of the house and get the best seat on the swing set outside. I took the lead, alright! But never made it Out the door. Instead, I was stopped THROUGH the door! Darn Grandma's glass door! Darn the missing knob that trained us to push the metal frame to open the door. Darn my hands for missing said metal frame and smacking the glass straight on... HARD! The impact shattered the glass outward, bent me over the waist, and left me hanging and screaming my head off until my Uncle went to the outside of the front porch and pushed me back through it. I couldn't move on my own from the bent possition. I was looking at the ground, but was able to rear my head up far enough to see the sharp broken shards that stayed in the glass frame right under my stomach. An inner voice told me my stomach would be sliced to ribbons if I stood up and pulled back through the frame on my own with my short height.
As it was I recieved multiple cuts up and down both arms. The deepest remains this day as a slash across my right wrist. It is right against a vein. We believe I nicked the vein according to the amount of blood I lost. It truely needed stitches, but I screamed frantically until I got my way, refusing a hospital visit. LOL. Grandma said if any child had the strength to yell and carry on as I was, I was alright enough not to have to go to the hospital! ( Yay! I love you, Grandma!) A few days later, a new door was in place.... complete with mesh screne (less bloody if we fell through it then! lol), AND a door knob!
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Ewww, is Right, CB! I'm sure she's seen it all and can top my stories! :O lol. Still, I have a few that stick in mind. When my daughter was in fourth grade, they had Parents' Career Week. I was volunteered to come in one of those days and share my experiences. One of the first things they wanted to know was what were the grossest things I'd seen on the job!! LOL. Needless to say, some of the stories I couldn't share due to their ages. But I listed the top three, and the class would go, " Ewww, what's the fourth worse? " I'd tell. Class: " Ewww, what's the fifth worse??" By the 7th round the teacher had to rescue me from the question! LOL

LOL, laby... I'm not offended... I have a sick sense of humor, too! ;) YOu should hear me talk about the office blood, guts, and gore... and occational BAD pap at meal time! ;D Bwahahahahhaha

sorry but this just makes me laugh. yes, i'm a sicko. (we've established that a LONG time ago). <br />
but the way you tell it is just funny!!<br />
glad you are ok and were ok then.<br />
yay to grandma too. they always know best!!!

That metal fr<x>ame was as Silver as it got, Baby! lol. But actually NONE of us made it back out to the swingset that day. Everyone else was just as shocked and shook up as I was! lol.

So you at least won the race right LOL, because your not the Silver Medal type

WEll, YEAH! I was run/wrestling the cousins to the door! LOL. I wanted one of the two seats on the teeter totter swing, dern it! :P

I thought you where going for some wrestling match, or move u where doing but ehhhh EM u gotta be more careful

Me and Ma were just trying to think of my age on this not too long ago. We could only agree it was sometime between ages 5-7! lol. PErhaps that inner voice about my stomach over the glass was actually.... GUT INSTINCT??!! ;D ehehe