10' Fall From Shed Roof, Broke Left Heel See Surgeon Next Week

I put in a nice garden shed this fall. It has a very high pitch 8'/4'. I was in the process of installing the felt paper on the roof when the nails holding it down pulled loose. I & the paper slid down the roof near the edge, I jumped into the yard to avoid landing on a ladder and other construction stuff in my path. I felt a sharp pain in my left foot right away and a throbing pain throught my lower body. I hopped & crawled into the garage, and yelled through the door for my wife.    Long story short, i fractured my left calcanuious (heelbone) and wanted to talk with somone who has been through somthing like this. The emergency doc did not give me a very good feeling about this whole thing & actually called it a life changing accedent. YIKES! I really did it this time.

James002 James002
46-50, M
May 23, 2007