Summer Outting Two Weeks

Now every year we would rent a summer cabin on a river for 3 weeks my parents worked the race tacks and fair meets we owned race horse's. Well this one sumer I just turned 15 and my sister was 14 we had the time of our lives. Fishing,swimming sunbatheing. Well one big thing
was everyone must check in by dinner curfew to let everyone know what was up for that night playing. Most every kid on our street had a 1am Curfew.
Well it was Friday night we started playng Flashlight tag. And lost time by the time it was done
6 of us kds broke our Diiner and 1am Curfew. Now mostly we would get a day of no beach or couldn't go off the decks But when I got home with my sister My mother was waiting for us girls.
My dad was in bed because he had to be at the track at 4am. My mother told me and my sister
after Saturday Pancakes we both will be spanked and grounded until Monday and every inch of the house will be cleaned or we will be spanked again. We were sent to bed.
Well in the morning after we ate and cleaned the kitchen and dishes. My mother told us to go take a shower go to our room laid on the end of the bed bare butt. Me and my sister did as told.
My mother came in with a horse slapper leather wide handle belt. Oh lordy I never had this before. She said you know why and started the spanking I started to cry just after 10 with it and she gave me 30 swats. I was crying big time when I could hear my sister also pleading for her to stop and she was crying even harder. Well we laid in bed for an hour crying when we were told to get up and start our cleaning. We had passed all our cleaning and my mother said we could return to our normal playing on Monday but on Sunday Our dad gave us both OTK bare spanking with his hand when he came home from the race track. All our other friends got spanked too the rest of the 3 weeks went well except forthe last day I found myself in trouble again.
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I know I can feel for you as I have been here too growing up. Sometimes we need that old fashion discipline that leaves a long lasting impression to set us straight again . A well spanked bottom is a good lesson learned and not really harsh in the long run. It's over and all is forgiven after. But it is sure a painful experience with sitting after very uncomfortable!

Sure did get a good hard spanking n a red butt :)

Gulp that was a real licking!

U were a naughty girl n sis too so naughty girls get spanked,bet u got spanked alot :) Have u found a mother figure to give u a spanking now ? Spnkbooty can u add me