Curfew Spankings

As a girl raised with corporal punishment one sure fire way to earn a spanking was to miss curfew.
My strict Christian parents held us (me and 2 sisters) to the letter of the law, so when the said "be home by ten, or else" we knew being one minute late meant the "or else" was a bare bottomed spanking, even as teenagers.

The thing I really hated about Curfew Spankings was that right when I realized I was not gonna make it home on time I KNEW as soon as I got home I was in for a spanking!
It was awful, riding my bike fast as I could, or running home, visions of Mom's hairbrush or Daddy's belt filling my mind :-(

A real bad one happened when I was 15 and riding with older friends from school. I thought I was All That hanging with girls who could drive and all. But when 10 o'clock came and I was saying "please take me home" they all laughed... and decided to drive-thru for french fries first.
I didn't know what to say!? I wanted to BEG them to drive me straight home so I wouldn't get spanked but I could not SAY that to them! I didn't want everyone knowing I was still being spanked at 15...

So while the other girls were laughing, talking, munching fries, I was in the back seat, petrified, counting the minutes past 10 pm and each block closer to home meant closer to having my panties pulled down for a bad spanking!
Worse, when we pulled up to my house, 20 minutes past 10, I saw my Aunt's car parked by our house. This can't be happening! My Aunt and Uncle and 12-yr-old cousin Jill were visiting!
My parents weren't shy about spanking us in front of relatives, no matter how "shy" I felt about such "public" punishments....

My friends drove away laughing as I walked, in tears, frustrated, scared, into the house to find everyone in the living room and it was worse than I imagined! Dad had put a chair in the middle of the living room and the belt was on it.....obviously my parents had been planning my spanking...while I had been praying for some miracle escape :-(

Mom started scolding me, making me take off my skirt, then drop my panties to my ankles for more lecture. In front of Aunty/Uncle and Jill it was shameful and I tried to blame my friends but Mom said "Next time tell them to get you home on time or you will be spanked.....see if they really are your friends?"
Uh....ya, like NEVER!....

Father sat down, took me over his lap and gave me a bare bottomed belt whipping I'll never forget. The burn, the sting, the shame, I was crying right away....wiggling.....pleading for him to STOPPP PLEASE IT STINGS!
But he kept slashing the belt until my whole fanny was on FIRE and I was kicking like mad, bawling and BEGGING OMG NO MORE WAAAWAAAA

I especially hated getting spanked like that in front of Jill cuz I knew later she would tease me about seeing me spanked and no fun being half-naked in front of my Uncle.
Before it was over, when Dad lashed my thighs, I kicked my panties off, so when he finally let me up I jumped around dancing and rubbing and howling in front of everyone...bare below the waist...GRRRR I HATE that part of being spanked!

You'd think I learned my lesson, but a few times after that I ended up rushing home, already late, horrified of the spanking I had coming....but I think that was the worst Curfew Spanking I ever got.

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kinda funny your rushing home to get spanked might as well stay away longer if you know your getting spanked of course it might be a worse spanking if your out even latter

When it came to disciplining their son mt parents had 2 policies that I hated, particularly in my teens.
The first policy was that as long as they could put me across their knee, my punishment was going to be a spanking. As long as they spanked me, it was going to be on my bare bottom. Because of my small stature, I was almost 15 before I weighed over 100 lbs, my parents were able to put me across their knees and spank me on the bare bottom well into my teens.
The other policy and the one I hated the most was, my parents didn't believe in the expression "wait till your father gets home. Regardless of my age, if I need punishing and my dad was present, he pulled my pants and underwear right down before putting me across his knee and giving me a spanking on the bare bottom with his belt. However, if he wasn't home, as much as I begged her to wait, my mom pulled my pants an underwear right down before putting me across her knee and giving me a spanking on the bare bottom with her hairbrush.
Take it from me, a teenage boy who is going through the many emotions of puberty, having to stand in front his mother with his underwear around his ankles is the most humiliating thing that could ever happen.

20 minutes late got you a spanking. God I wouldn't want would happen if you stayed out all night?

I hate this physical punishment and being made to be bare in front of others is just disgraceful.

I agree with you smokeyboat. I think it's disgraceful too.

I am always worrying about being late for curfew. It's always bare and I front of my brothers and sister. I get so embarrassed.

Ya, coming home late I already KNOW I'm gonna get spanked and seeing the chair with a hairbrush or belt on it in the living room means a bare bottom spanking right then and there!

) ; O U C H !!!

Sorry, and it should done in private, even if it is family members.

how very naughty of you Marzi

I was a boy in the 50's and 60's and i can tell you that it wasn't only girls who had to be home on time because they had a curfew. I had an after-school time that i had to be home and an after supper on the weekends and summertime that i had to be home. My friends (boys) either didn't have a curfew or had a later curfew or didn't worry about the consequences if they broke curfew because they never seemed to have to hurry home to make it on time. In fact they used to laugh and tease me about having to "hurry home to Mommy." I didn't tell them that if i was late i had a date with the belt even though i knew that some of them still got it. I can really relate to the girl who talked about riding her bike home as fast as she could pedal or running home so as not to be a minute late, because i was in that same situation myself many times. Sometimes i made it in the nick of time (whew!!) and sometimes i didn't (Ow!! No more!!! Pleeeeze!!!) Thing is, it didn't make me super-punctual once i was old enough and didn't get a licking every time for being late for curfew. Instead it kind of made me feel like i was a big-shot and could come and go as i pleased, although if i really pressed it too much i was still punished. So no, not just girls were subject to curfew---so were boys, just not as many i guess.

Thanks for sharing, boys spanked is fun LOL till what age were U spanked?

I got fewer spankings after about age 14 but the ones i did get were harder. The very last last spanking i got from mom was when i was 17. After that any spankings i received were from people other than my mom.

Hi Marzi,

I found myself in that position many times. I was at the mercy of my friends to get me home on time and it played out just the same. They'd have to stop at a drive through or see someone we knew and stop to talk to them and I was begging them to get me home. They'd say "Relax Jenny...what's the big deal? Just tell them we got you home as soon as we could." I did not have the courage to tell them that the "big deal" was that I was going to get my butt spanked as soon as I walked in the house! As far as I know none of my friends were still subject to getting spanked as punishment. Most of them stopped getting spanked around 12 or 13 years of age...or so they said.

At least I did not have the added level of shame of having relatives see me get spanked. My sisters knowing was bad enough!


Your strict parents may be Christians, but they are also felons. There is nothing 'good' about them. Please call the police.

Just awful to be displayed like that when being punished, but it makes the lesson that much more powerful. Did it help you with keeping better track of time?

This spanking was unjust and did no good. It wasn't a matter of keeping track of time, her friends were the transport.

whenever we tease anyone here we will be getting it next. So I learned never to do that. It is so hard knowing someone is watching when you are the one getting it.
Love your story

I think you should add me as friend now

sounds like we had the same parents i never got spanked in front of any one but i did with my sister watching and if we got punished to gether i saw her get spanked or belted she was 4 years older than me so she was more upset by me seeing her parts

Wow I have had audience's too for some of my spankings with my pants and panties down at my ankles. A few were breaking curfew coming home at 12:01. Yes one minute past curfew and I got spanked I feel for you.

Another great story, Marzi...thanks. My girlfriend also got spanked for curfew, but it was back in the 60's when spanking was, I believe, more prevalent. And there did seem to be a double standard as far as when boys or girls had to be home. I never intentionally got her home late but there were times when I caused her to be spanked for out late, car breakdown, etc. She always cried on the way home when we knew we were late for her curfew.

When I was growing up, curfew was pretty much something only girls had to worry about. Yes, I know it was a double standard. No, it didn't make the spankings my sisters got any less fun to watch.

Ya the double standard! And you got to see your sisters get spanked? How did that go for them?

No privacy for spankings in our house, especially for the spankings my sisters got for curfew violations because my dad was waiting in the living room with his belt already off. My sisters would take off their pants, shorts, or dress, and go over the back or arm of the couch. Then my dad would remove their panties and blister their behinds with that belt until they were bawling. After a very animated after spanking dance, they would go running to bed still holding their red rear ends. Quote a scene.

That really sucks, getting a spanking that you really had no control over. Now that you are older, do your sisters and you still have a curfew.

Would your friends have been more helpful or supportive if you'd told them you'd be grounded for a week or two if you were one minute late? While I agree with Jenna that your friends were really mean for deliberately getting you in trouble, if you knew the consequences ahead of time, you could have made your friends understand how important it was to be home by 9:59 without adding the real reason.

That was really rotten of your friends to get you in trouble.

Yes, I agree with you Jenna. If I knew my daughter deliberately tried to get her friend in trouble, not getting her back home in time for curfew, she would be getting he bare bottom spanked too. That's just a mean thing to do, getting your friend in trouble especially if you know your friend will be punished if she comes home late and then you purposely cause her to be late. And if there were other friends with my daughter and her, and I knew those guys, I would be calling their parents to tell them what happened, and that they were all laughing and teasing this girl who had a curfew. Hopefully, they would have all gotten a spanking too.