I am in the middle of a really bad breakdown, that is why I am shutting everyone out. I don't need them to know, JUST how unstable that I truly am. I feel so ashamed for how out of control that I am feeling, and for doing what I am doing....
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Now ...if we only knew where they were...sigh

hey angelwriter, I feel you girlfriend. I just went through the worst breakup of my life. We were together 6 months and he dumped me overnight with little explanation.<br />
<br />
I am still in pain but I refuse to see him at this particular time in my life.<br />
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Try and put it in perspective and give yourself a break. He is not the only man in the world. Be kind to yourself and believe that in due time, this too shall pass.

Please don't shut people out. You are a talented writer, keep on writing. It helps.