Big Rig Hit Me From Behind

December 2 2010 I was driving home  from work and  got hit by a big rig. MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER IN THAT BRIEF SECOND. I have had three surgeries and the last surgery was nine hours long. I had bone fragments pushing up against my nerves and my spinal cord. My legs and hands have been numb since March, the last surgery was in June. I go to aqua-therapy three times a week . For the past 6 weeks my legs have been getting stiffer and stiffer my feet feel like they are swollen but they are not. I would like to know if the sensations in my legs and hands is part of nerves healing. Has anyone else experienced what I am experiencing.
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1 Response Sep 11, 2011

I sort of know what you are talking about. My left leg is always warmer then my right since my accident last year and my left foot also has that swollen feeling especially in my toes. I do think it has to do with the nerves. I only really notice it now if I walk around a lot or I am wearing tight shoes.