My Back Hurts!

So, I had this notion while I was doing this "park-our" that I'd go atop an unsupported glass structure, well you see when weight is more then what the pane that I was can handle that equals a 15 foot drop. I spent the next few weeks in the hospital as the surgeon had to give me two different operations one to remove the bone fragments from my spinal column (should have been paralyzed) and the other to fuse my vertebrae. So I have been out of work since 21 November my hip hurts a lot and on some powerful pain killers. In the future I shall remind myself about weight displacement and never do that stunt again, oh and just to let you know my "brother" that was doing it with me hasn't had any contact with me since then some brother eh?
Cloudstriffe Cloudstriffe
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2012