I Broke My Dads Neck, Back, Sternum, Ribs.

All I wanted to do was get to Colorado, get my things, and get back to NC. It all sounded so simple, only consisted of many hours of driving. I thought to myself, there shouldn't be any problems, I'd already made the trip safely times before. At the last minute, pops decided to go. Anyway. It was approaching mid-night, I had already been driving forty-five of the previous fifty-one hours. We had made it from NC to Colorado, and back to Lawrence Kansas when the tragedy occurred. In total despair from all the driving, we were traveling the posted speed limit at a rate of speed of 70 mph when I lost control of the vehicle. The car swerved to the left, and then back to the right at a 90 degree angle when both of the left tires popped catching the rim on the pavement causing the vehicle to flip, making contact on the right passenger side of the cars roof, then came another complete flip making contact once again on the passenger corner of the roof. After three somersaults, the car came to a rest on the right side of the highway on all four wheels. The windshield was shattered, as well as, all the windows on the right side of the vehicle along with the back glass completely gone. In a panic, I flipped on the interior light, calling out "dad", "dad", "dad", "dad", "dad", a total of six times when he finally made a slight move. I noticed a large, red like whelp on his neck. It became apparent that he did not have his seat belt on, and that when the cars roof made contact with the pavement, pops was simultaneously smacking his face into the roof. I began to look for my cell phone suddenly realizing how likely it was that it got ejected from the car so I jumped out of the car, rushing over to the highway waving my hands, jumping up and down. No one would stop. I done this for about ten minutes. It was obvious no one was stopping to help so I ran back over to the car and started to look for my phone. The highway was littered with my things so I started to randomly pick up things in an effort to locate my phone. There were blankets, papers, clothes, among other things that I can't recall to mind right at this moment. I was driving a civic that was loaded down with a bed frame, ab lounge, night stand, packed to the roof so we were very lucky that the bed frame, filing cabinet, or even the ab lounge didn't cut our head off. Anyway. After the immediate rush faded away from the suddenly unimaginable, I realized that it was about twenty degrees and that my dad was freezing. He's 5'8'' and weighs slightly over 100 pounds. I rushed over with one of the blankets and put it over the empty window frames that was exposing my dad to the weather. After countless efforts to seek help, I returned to the driver side of the car and got back in before I froze to death. In a panic of what the outcome would be, I tried to start the car . Nothing. Nada. I knew after surviving something so horrific, that if help didn't show up soon enough, we would die from the cold. I realized the car was still in drive, so I put it in park and restarted the car, i wouldn't go anywhere, but we had heat. A slight sye of relief. The thought came to mind to start flashing my lights. I was facing the traffic so I assumed someone would realize we needed help. Finally after about forty five minutes of countless efforts, a guy driving a tractor trailer stopped saying "I travel this road every day, and I knew that you shouldn't be off the side of the road like that." He stayed with us till the paramedics arrived. We were transported to Lawrence Kansas hospital. Once I was released, the doctor said he would set us up in a motel till the next morning till I could rent a vehicle for the remainder fifteen hour trip home saying that he was waiting for some final tests on my dad, but that everything at that point had come back normal. I was gathering my things when I heard a nurse saying to someone, "sir, lay down, I need you to lay down, you're going to be paralyzed from the neck down." I slowly stepped around the corner realizing that she was talking to my dad. I thought to myself, how could this be. The doc was just saying things were coming back normal. The doctor returned with the worse news of my life indicating that things were bad and that dad was being transferred to Kansas University Medical or KU Med, since the injuries were so extensive. They allowed me to ride in the ambulance since I had no other way to the transferring hospital. I reached my mom and sister, who came out the following day. We were stuck in Kansas City Kansas for five days, when the doctors finally released dad to come home. The doctors were saying he needed surgery, wouldn't allow him to eat for two days, but dad say he wasn't having surgery so they left it at that. The drive home was all a blur. I don't recall much of the trip home, only glad that we were finally headed back to NC. Oh, I forgot to mention, I did finally locate my cell phone in the back floor board, for whatever reason, I looked there to find, but the screen was shattered so I only assumed it didn't work. Once I got to KU Med with time on my hands, I found out that the phone still worked, only that the screen was broken. If I only knew then, it wouldn't have gone through forty five minutes of complete horror and helplessness. Here it's nearly four years later, and dad's still fighting to get disability. I know many people who's receiving disability and never have broken a bone in their body. The injuries he sustained were fractured vertebrae's in his neck(not sure about vertebrae's but the doctor said he was one vertebrae away from being paralyzed from the neck down, but I don't know in what direction, etc) , broke his back, sternum, and many ribs. It's just kinda F**ked up that he's been denied three times and many others get it the first time. Anyway, This is what happened. I'm still dealing with this dramatic experience to this day.
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Jan 17, 2013