Breaking And Losing Glasses

I have broken or lost my glasses several times. I have sat on them more than once and broke them. Fortunately the last time I sat on my glasses recently they didn't break. Now that I have contacts I have double the worries. If i lose my contacts tey will be expensive to replace. Yet if i break or lose my glasses I will have to replace hem too since I can'y wear my contacts all the time and I can't see without them. If something happened to both my contacts and my glasses at around the same time I don't know what I would do because I can't afford to replace both.

One story from when I was a kid about losing my glasses. I was riding in a motor boat that was pulling a water skier. When the skier fell the rope went wild and hit me in the face. I didn't get hurt but my glasses went flying in the lake and were of course never found. Fortunately I had a spare pair of glasses with me because I was at summer camp and otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see very good for the rest of the week at camp which would not have been fun.

charliew charliew
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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

how strong is your prescription? if i were you i would stop wearing glasses all the time, for example don't wear them during water sport anymore. if you're doing anything physical, glasses can really be a burden. try only wearing them for reading or for just hanging out; i do. you should eventually get used to your blurry vision and it won't be so bad.