Ran To Answer The Phone And Broke My Poor Little Toe!

My oldest son had been out of town working and I hadn't heard from him in a while.  I had been worried for a few days waiting to hear from him.

As I was in my worried state, the phone rings.  I jump up and RAN to answer the phone.  A vacuum was in my path in the dining area.  I didn't even see it and I was flying past it.  As I was enroute, my little pinky toe hooked on the bottom of the vacuum and I was immediately in severe pain!  I didn't make it to the phone becuase of the pain.  OUCH!

My first thought was that I severely jammed it, but when I looked down it was bent outward!

My hubby looked at it and said it was definitely broken so he got me in the car and took me to the ER to have it reset.

Let me just say that the pain from breaking the toe was nothing compared the pain when the Dr. He was going to numb it before resetting it and said there would be a little poke.  I closed my eyes (to prevent myself from getting panicky about the needle) and the "little poke" almost immediately because SEVERE pain!  So much so that I SCREAMED in the ER!

After the ordeal, I asked my hubby about the needle and he said that the needle was fairly large in diameter and had a thick numbing medicine in it.  He also said that the Dr. was turing the needle around while giving me the shot to get the medicine completely around the toe.  This was so painful that I was screaming the whole time he was giving me the shot!  But then I was able to tolerate him twisting my toe around and resetting it.

The Dr. then taped my does together to form a splint and gave me a funny looking shoe to wear.  I had to take Ibupropren and put ice on it for several days.  The Dr. had given me a prescription for strong pain meds (viociden I think), but I never got it filled.  I just stayed off my feet to let it heal and keep the pain at bay. 

It's been about 3 weeks since I broke the toe and although it's a lot better, I still stay off my feet and have to be careful. A wrong move or overdoing it will cause it to become inflamed and the pain returns!
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46-50, F
Aug 7, 2010