And It Hurt So F-ing Bad!

Back around '95, or so, I had just started driving a truck for a living and I had to go out of town the next morning, so I was walking around the end of my bed to go set my alarm. I was walking quickly and not being careful ... and, I was not wearing shoes, either, I was just walking barefoot.

So, I rounded the end of my bed, and the alarm clock was on my left side, the bed on my right, and, I SLAMMED my pinky toe on my right foot into the area under the wooden footboard - FULL STRIDE!

And It Hurt So F-ing Bad!

The thing is, I didn't have it looked at. I didn't have it looked at for a year and a half. I didn't have it looked at that day because I was new to truck driving, new to the job, and I didn't want to call in and tell them that I couldn't go to work the next day. I went to bed, slept, I guess. I can't remember how well or poorly I slept that night. I got up the next day, tenderly put on my shoes, and went to work. I hobbled along all that week, and while my toe hurt, still, the next weekend when I got back home, I didn't have it looked at because it didn't hurt as bad as it did that first morning after I kicked my bed.

I had also never broken a bone before. You know how us guys are. We think that we're unbreakable. I never really entertained the possibility that I had broken my bone in my toe. I mean, of course the thought occurred to me immediately, but I did what guys do, and said that I will get by, and see how things turn out, and what with having my toe feeling better when I got back into town, I figured that the healing would continue, and, even if I had broken my toe, it would heal, and all would be good.

Well, as I said, I didn't have it looked at for a year and a half. The pain basically went away, but my toe was continually red and swollen after that. Finally, I went and had it x-rayed, mostly because I was just irritated at my toe. Poor toe. Getting the blame. Lol.

Well, the results came back pretty bad. The toe had healed, in all that time, of course, but, it hadn't mended. The pieces of bone hadn't knitted back together again into one. I ended up having to have surgery on my poor little toe to remove the shards and round off the sharp end of the major piece which remained. Of course, that means that my pinky toe on my right foot is shorter than it was. That ****** me off every time I see it, but it's my fault for not looking out for myself and taking care of myself first.
BonVie BonVie
41-45, M
Aug 7, 2010