C1 Break

I broke my neck on June 10th of 2012. I crashed during a motocross race and after 33 years of racing you just know when things aren't right when you stop tumbling. I had a sharp pain in the right side of my neck. It felt like a hot knife was stuck in my neck just below my ear. I just knew that I had torn a muscle in my neck. I ever so gently rose to my feet after catching my breath and slowly slide my helmet off and placed my hands inside my neck brace and steadied my head and jus started walking toward the ambulance. Long story short, I broke my C1 and ended up being lifelined to a trama center where I spend the next 10 days or so. It is now about 90 days later and my halo has been off for about 15 days and I start P.T. in about two more
weeks. I am super lucky and I have a heavy heart for all those who didn't get as lucky. A truly life changing event and the halo was the hardest thing I have ever done, but thanks to an increadible wife, loving friends and a strong family, I am well on my way to getting back to myself. I will look at life different from here on and will truly belive that prayer helps.

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I sustained 3 fractures on c1 by falling in bathroom 2 weeks ago. I am able to walk and talk and was very lucky- but this brace is driving me mad

i broke my C1 also.. 2 years ago. i fell off the bar at gymnastics my mom begged them not to give me a halo i wore the plastic brace for 2 months and it healed. im glad you made a recovery. :)

Thanks Ashley, It has been 9 months now and other than my neck being a little stiff still, I am doing really well. Getting back into my running and lifting and starting to feel mostly normal. So happy for you that you did not have to wear a halo. They are miserable... :-) Take care