What May Happen

There was a man who was looking for a place to confess all of his feelings without being judged. After many days of searching he found a site, called Experience Project. The site was perfect. After registering to the site he posted a few confessions, most of which were about Love and how he could never find it. Then, one day someone commented on one of his of his confessions, and he thought this person was the absolutely beautiful. They started talking to each through messages, gestures and whiteboard messages, where she showed the first sign of her affection for this man. Well, he could hardly believe it, he'd finally found someone who liked him back, so he showed his sign of affection. Eventually he wrote a confession, confessing his love for her and hoping that she felt the same way. He waited and finally got a reply saying that she did feel the same way. Once again he couldnt believe it. They both confessed their love for each other and over the next few days they were the happiest they could have been. Eventually she asked for the mans number, and he gave it, and she sent him a message, asking him not be angry and and co cessed that she was 14, not 18-21. The man was shocked,surprised and a little confused, a thousand things went flooding through his mind, should he continue talking to this girl, should he be mad, how could he possibly reply to something like that. He eventually sent a message saying "im not mad, just surprised lol" and then "if you're ok with it then so am i", to which she replied "i'm glad". Afterwards the man went to bed, thinking it all over and came to the conclusion that what he was about to get involved in was highly illegal, so the next day he decided to send her a message, confessing that in current times, their kind of relationship would not be accepted by other people. She begged him not to do it, not to leave her, that she needed him, and he also confessed that he needed her and loved her very much but he had to make this decision, however hard it may be. Still she continued to plea with him not to leave and confessed her love for him over and over again.

So the man gave into his heart and said that he would not leave her and that he would continue to love her til the ebd of his days. After a few months webt by the man told her news that he would be coming to see her for a few days, and when he arrived they could not have been happier, however, the authorities were notified that a 21 year old man was seen showing affection to a 14 year old minor, and they eventually caught up to him and arrested for the crimes. He was tried and convicted abd sent to prison for 25 years. After a few years in prison the man was found dead, he had hung himself because he couldnt be with his love and regreted not walking away when he had the chance and saved her from the pain of losing him forever.

This ending is what could happen if the man listens to his heart and not to reason. I hope that when she reads this, she will understand. I regret that it has to be this way but this was the only way that could make her understand. I am sorry
JonnySlackMallon JonnySlackMallon
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I cannot bare how utterly broken I am. I love you. And I hope you do come see me. I love you Jonny. I always will<3