Might Just Be Me and the Way I Treat Phones

I have broken many phones different ways and I am thinking it is time to get one of those GzONes that Casio fabulously made.


I hagve had a large assortment of phones, started with a big old Nokia 3395, went to Alltel and got the U=prepaid then known as simple freedom Nokia 3587i, then I went to Tracfone after I thought I had lost my 3587i, then found it had 2 for like a month, till the c139 decided to fall into the garbage disposal, doing nothing to the phone i might add, but there was some water inside, so it turned the indicator red and the people at tracfone would not replace it. i then went and got a motorola v170, my first flip phone, I mean this was 2004 and I was happy, then next i got the samsung u340, finally something that was not prepaid. I went home and activated it, although that is not where I stop. I had a Motorola KRAZR k1m, it was red, then after dropping it, it just broke into little tiny peices, and from there on, broke even more, went to the samsung u410, went back to another krazr, it broke went to a razr, that broke, went to the samsung flipshot, it broke, went to another samsung u410 and then it broke, then went to an lg chocolate, upgraded, went to an lg 8350, went to an lg 3450, for what reason I don't know it didn't even have a camera. The antennae broke on that, then went to the 8350, then went to the 2385 by Motorola which I think i am staying with for until my contract expires which won't be another 2 years,


I am also a phone collector, I have more then 252 and i PLAN to upload them as my profile picture if anyone wants to see them. I have a new adition to the collection, it is my Uncles, its a razr v3m that from dropping to many times just gave up, he has the insurance and has been through 2 razrs, one wouldnt power on after a charge, the other one was just purchased from the verizon wireless store, was dropped in coffee on his way home.


If you get tired of reading this it is quite okay, I in fact do as well.

phonesrcool08 phonesrcool08
22-25, M
Mar 10, 2009