I Have Submitted One, But Time to Submit Another

So my friend Jack, has a razr. At 1 am he gets up to go to the bathroom, his Razr v3m cell phone being like 2 months old, was dropped from his pocket and he just remembers the clunk of the water and the splash noise.


I was in bed, and my phone starts vibrating. i look down at my screen wondering who could be calling me at 1am. So i look at it and the screen says: Verizon Wireless: JACK'S HOME NUMBER. i pick up the phone saying hello in my nicest not that sleepy voice and jacks on the other line i broke my razr the screen is blue and i dropped it in the toilet


new story, and now it is fixed.


phonesrcool08 phonesrcool08
22-25, M
Mar 12, 2009