A Few Details

My re-entry into sexual life was very comfortable and fun.  Not crazy hot, but hot enough and a seamless re-entry.

I met Richard for drinks.  I wore this great little black dress with an incredible pair of "**** me" shoes.  That's all.  Not another stitch of clothes.  I was a little nervous, and very turned on.  I had promised him to be shaved and provide a clear view up my dress when he entered, so I had to jockey around a bit to get just the right seat.

When he arrived, I delivered on my promise!  Then I received my first kiss in 5 years!  He said I looked stunning.  (I don't know if it was the initial view he was complimenting or if he actually had noticed something else about me!)   We had a couple of drinks and some appetizers.  We held hands and alternated between lascivious flirtations and discussing authors, we both like.

We drove to my house, and after we settled in, he started kissing me while we sat on the couch.  He was very gentle, too gentle really.  Later he said he was very conscience of our size difference (he is 6’4”, 250 and I am 5’1, 120), and wanted to make sure he didn't hurt me and scare me back to celibacy! In a short period of time, I was straddling him with my dress over my *** and my bare ***** wetting his bulge that I could feel flexing against me.  The front of his pants was pretty well soaked!  (Remember when I said I started the evening very turned on?  The couch scene was 3 hours after we met, and my excitement had only been building!)  I felt him pulling down the zipper of my dress.  He kept kissing me, and nuzzling my neck and flexing his hard **** against my **** while he unzipped me.  Then he slipped the thin straps down, kissed my shoulders a few times then held me by the shoulders, away from him.

He just looked from my face to my **** to my completely bare ***** with my dress all bunched up and down at my waist, and said, "God damn, you are gorgeous and hot!  I really want to pop that near-cherry!"

I loved the way he was looking at me.  I loved being on display the way I was.  I loved his crude words.  My former **** was truly awakened by his look and his words.  I wanted him to pop my cherry soooooooo bad by then!

He sort of cradled me with one arm, and with his free hand he very gently started touching my nipples until I asked him to be more aggressive with my ****.  He immediately complied, and started an ever increasing pressure on my right nipple.  He just kept his thumb and forefinger pushing harder and harder against each other until I winced.  He stopped as he asked, "Too hard".  But I told him I loved it, it was just what I wanted.  That's when he stood up with me wrapped around him. "It’s time for you to get this ****."  And he carried me to my bedroom

In my bedroom, he laid me on the bed, pulled my dress down over my hips then spread my legs and began licking my soaked *****.  He pushed my knees to either side of my **** and kept me in that position until I came!  It was kind of a glorious moment!  Actually, I could have gotten away or changed position at any time, but it was hot for me to FEEL as if he was holding me down just so he could put his mouth to my ****, and there was nothing I could do about it. He stood up and did something that I find very hot.  He was looking me dead in the eye as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly.  He's not a cocky, arrogant man, but there was a knowing look in his eye that I found stirring. His **** was very hard.  Richard’s **** is handsome, proportionate to his beefy, 6'4 body. He joined me on the bed, and we kissed for awhile and just touched.  I could taste myself on his mouth and feel his **** against my lower belly.  I was somewhat amazed at how almost nostalgic I felt about touching him and feeling him touch me.  It almost felt like homesickness.  After a few minutes, I simply relaxed into all my senses, just soaked it up.  He started pinching my nipples, this time with a little more pressure than earlier.  He judged pretty well, what I had been looking for while we were in the living room.

After several minutes, I asked him to hand me the condom. Richard handed me the condom, then lay on his back, propped against several pillows.  His left hand rubbed my back and my right arm as I sat next to him, and I lightly touched his **** with the fingertips of my left hand for two or 3 minutes.  We glanced into each other's eyes now and then. Those few minutes were very hot for me; they played to many, little sexual thrills for me. His touch wasn't particularly sexual while I was touching his **** as though I might begin to stroke it or move to put my mouth on it.  Looking into his eyes, I knew he wasn't sure what I had in mind, but that he certainly had hopes of what was to come.

I felt a bit powerful, being in charge of the next step.  At the same time, I fantasized that he would move his hand from my back to the back of my head and tell me to suck his ****; push my head forward a little, encouraging me to bend over him. But he didn't do that, perhaps because he was still concerned that he might scare me off or maybe it's not his nature to make demands.

On top of that lovely gamut from dominant to submissive, I knew that I sat so he had a clear view of the same view he had gotten when he earlier arrived at the bar (remember his first view?).  I was naked, sitting Indian style to his left. I faced his body, my shins against the side of his torso, my knees flat on the bed.  When he looked down his torso, from his propped-up position, he looked directly down at my *****.  He saw my swollen **** protruding from its hood and my outer lips pulled apart by my splayed thighs.

He did move his hand from my back.....................

He took the wrapped condom from my hand, ripped it open, grinned widely, and said "This is sooooo long overdue."  He handed the now unwrapped condom to me.  His tone was light and playful.  As I rolled the condom down over his ****, he pulled me toward him for a warm, even friendly kiss.  I could feel that his mouth still smiled a bit as we kissed.  I felt his **** flex in my hand. I had to have it inside of me at THAT moment.  I pulled on Richard's shoulder, he picked up on my sign and with one incredibly smooth, quick motion for such a large man, he flipped me onto my back.

It was a very cool moment. It was the first time in over 5 years that I lay naked and spread, vulnerable to any man.  He was on his knees, between mine with his **** pointed at me.  His smile was pleasant and he seemed a bit amused - not as though he considered this near-deflowering a joke, but like he was truly enjoying being a part of it.

"Tell me when.

I immediately answered, "**** me, Richard.

He lowered himself onto and into me.  His **** seemed to find its way instinctively.  I was so wet, so open and ready, that the head of his **** simply popped into the mouth of my *****.  When he gently pushed, I felt myself tighten on him.  Near my ear, he whispered, "Your **** is tight as a virgin's."  His tone had changed a bit; still gently teasing and amused but now I heard a touch of urgency in his voice.  It was something I had forgotten; how a man's voice lowers and a very slight, gritted-teeth quality enters his tone - the voice of a man who has just felt a ***** resist further entry.  This forgotten memory was wonderful to rediscover.  It evoked almost maternal feelings in me, causing me to want to make everything better at the same time that I'm feeling a bit challenged - now consciously desiring to resist and make him work hard at taking me.

I resisted for several seconds, all the while wishing that he would increase his force.  As I said earlier, he was very gentle - nearly too gentle.  I was hoping that my obviously deliberate resistance would incite him to greater machismo, I guess.  It didn't.  He maintained the same amount of push against my resistance until I finally  surrendered, relaxing my **** and allowing his **** to slide deliciously and slowly deeper and deeper inside me.  He held his body just above mine with his left arm under my shoulders.  I knew that if he decided to tighten his arm that I could never escape his hold.  This thought sent a chill up my spine and a thrill to my ****.  I moved my feet from the backs of his thighs to his *** with the intention of pulling his **** to the very bottom of my *****.  His body is so large and my legs so short that I couldn't affect any deeper penetration.  I was starting to feel my own teeth grit

With Richard I learned immediately that we were unable to reach each other's mouths for a kiss while he was ******* me.  He was starting small movements in and out, never pushing any deeper.  As he towered over me, his chin near the top of my head, I took his very hard nipple between my teeth. I felt his body tighten and he leaned his **** deep into me and just held it there.  I was filled with ****, **** that didn't move. I had been gently impaled!  And I could not move; his weight against my pelvis was too great and the width of his body held my 26" inseam legs so wide that from the waist down I was powerless to move.  God that was a naughty, naughty thrill

I began gripping and releasing his thick ****; small pulses were all I could accomplish with the walls of my **** stretched so tautly.  I've been told by other men that my ***** seemed to suck on their *****.  Some were pretty impressed by me!  I think Richard was, because after just a few seconds, he said, "Stop. You have to stop."  I felt him begin to ease his pressure on me.  I stopped.  I wanted to prolong this…………………………

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I love your story. I've been fantasising how I'd like to break an enforced sexual fast of well over 10 years - and looking for the lady to do it with!

Oh, captain, my captain! How I would love to lie down in those fields of fleshy flowers! LOL

Thank YOU, dc. I welcome all comments but truly relish the positive ones! LOL<br />
<br />
wille - Hopefully you have found my post where I try to explain why I took a sexual sabbatical. I think that I can't adequately articulate my reasons/needs but I can report that I have zero regrets. The comfort and acceptance that I've gained with my sexual self is total and wonderful. I'm not sure that I would be in such a healthy place without the celibacy.<br />
<br />
AND ********* - I love your phrasing "how to ready a man"! Be warned - I'm stealing it!

Just met ya, have read about 5 or 6 stories but not all.. so.. maybe you've all ready answered this question but..... Why the 5 year lay-off? Bill in Va.

Hey there...I love your sexual descriptions...maybe because you do it so well and describe just how it feels. Thanks for your story! DC

Thank you all for your compliments. I really am glad that you find my story well written ........... and hot! I recounted a seminal moment in my life (obviously, pun intended!) , and I'm very happy to say that Richard is still a part of my life.<br />
<br />
And, Mntnmn44, I do apologize for distracting you from your Starbuck's experience...........NOT! LOL