Broken Bones Drunk and Stoned

I was heavily intoxicated on a Saturday night Apr 4, 1998.  I had been drinking and consuming a wide variety of drugs.  I ended up by myself and blacked out for the most part.  The last drug that I took was LSD which really put me off the deeP end.  I lost all sense of reality.  I started roaming around the neighborhood, in my underwear.  It was about 9:00 am by now.  I don't remember anything until I "woke up" all bloody on a sidewalk.  I had fallen about 20 feet off the side of a church walkway.  I thought I was dying.  It was the most religious experience I've ever had.  I experienced the most profound loneliness I've ever felt.  It was as if I was being shown what life after death would be like if I didn't change my ways.  I was given a choice to die or to live also.  I was laying on the grass next to where I fell and a voice told me to roll on my back to live or roll on my face to die.  I rolled on my back and eventually a couple of people came along from the church and found me bloody and broken on the ground.  I had broken 2 bones in my arm and "shattered" my heel bone as the hospital described it.  I also punctured my neck somehow in the fall which was the most dangerous part.  I checked into the hospital as a John Doe.  I couldn't remember my own name or anything other that that I was from Austin.  That was my only point of reference.  After a couple of hours I remembered my name and got really excited to tell the hospital staff.  They were glad but not so excited.  It was a wild experience and one that was painful but I don't regret it.  I learned from it.
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What would having someone watching over me have to do with surviving through such trying circumstances? They would just be watching, doing nothing.

Maybe....not sure...I feel fortunate and sometimes it does feel like a miracle but I don't tend to believe in god as a puppetmaster. I really don't believe in divine intervention.

Thanks, it sure doesn't feel that way but just the fact that I'm still alive after all the hell and danger I've put myself through says something.

You're very strong, no matter how weak you may have ever felt.

I learned that if I did not change my life I would be extremely lonely upon my death. I never used LSD again after that accident but I've only recently cut out alcohol and some of the other drugs.

I'm so glad you chose to roll on your back. That sounds like a hell of an ordeal. A very moving story and I thank you for sharing it. <br />
When I saw that you'd started the group, but with no story, I worried. I'm glad you're here. <br />
I had a bad trip once and that alone was a mind-bender.