I Broke His Heart And Mine.

Thinking back, he had really truly liked me, and had the potential to love me too.

I was too scared, too nervous and extremely confused. He was my first boyfriend and I'm his first girlfriend. We were both 18. I hurt him so much with my fickleness and my inability to focus and really devote myself to him. I was constantly hanging out with my friends (girls and boys), and sometimes I'd ignore him because i wanted to talk to another friend (girl or guy).

it hurt him that i never reciprocated the affection. I was too afraid to even hold his hand. And after four months, he got frustrated with my frigidness and broke up with me.

Sorry. I am truly over him because I realized I never liked him that deeply, but what makes me sad is the fact that I ruined such a wonderful boy and tore down his dreams of having someone to  truly care for, and truly be cared for.

I'm sorry.

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Aug 3, 2010