I Hurt Someone Soo Bad

He was a sweet caring person and i broke his heart I lied to him and hurt him to hear someone tell u they love u and that they care about that they want to marry u thats what every girl wants to hear but what do u do if u dont feel the same i feel so sad to cause someone this much pain i never wanted to hurt him but i new i could not stay with him i know he will find someone who deserves him

saddie123 saddie123
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

to be honest I think when someone tells you that they love you and want to marry you it makes you scared (at least in my situation) I did the same thing... but hun to be fair if he can't forgive you for whatever you did he didn't love you in the first place because if you TRULY love someone you would let nothing get in the way of that.

xo hope you feel better!

tell me about it im going thru the exact same thing right now!!!

yeah i can relate to that

I can so relate to you here. It's how I've felt in almost every relationship I've been in so far.