Did She Really Just Say That?

So I'd been good friends with this girl since freshmen year and by senior year she had really changed.  She wasn't the funny and chipper person I'd known when I entered high school.  She was now cynical and judgemental, yelling at people in the hall that they look like a tramp or that they are a ***.  I was extremely embarrassed because she often did this to students whom  I was good friends with and I wanted them to know that I didn't have the same opinions as this person that I associated with.  She claimed that she'd become a lot more negative because her father had skin cancer but I didn't believe that could justify ruining everyone else's day.  
Since when did calling my other friend a *** because he came out of the closet cure cancer?
My own father had had skin cancer for several years and even had a heart attack about the same time my friend was acting out- but I tried to respect life more afterwards, not hate on everyone.
I understand that people deal with situations differently, but she was practically abusive to our entire grade.
Throughout the first few months of school, my friend would call me or text me asking me to be at school up to two hours early so I could "tutor" her.  Tutoring to her meant that I'd give her all the answers to the classes we shared.  I slowly stopped answering her phone calls or responding to her texts.  One day the teacher was late for class and my friend asked if she could copy this in-depth science lab I'd worked hours on.  When I told her how I couldn't let her copy something that I'd put so much time and effort into, she replied "Well I guess this is really going to put a damper on our friendship..." When I didn't reply, she was quick to add "Just kidding!"
She was always doing that.  A girl in our class was talking about how she was really busy lately because she had a sort of horseback riding competition that week and my friend said, "God, don't complain about being spoiled.  You have a HORSE, my parents can't even afford my dad's cancer treatment."  When no one acknowledged her, she claimed she was once again "just kidding."
My friend started getting really image conscious at about this time.  She NEVER ate.  I spent the day/night with her one Friday and the whole day she only drank coffee and ate celery.  She had a gym membership with another one of my friends and passed out on three different occasions during a spin class.  When the instructor would ask what she ate that day, she only ever ate sugar free jello.
We all approached her separately about what was going on and told her that she didn't need to worry about being rail thin and do you know what her response was?  "I can't just let myself go like you, or be fat like so-and-so."
Okay my BMI is sitting pretty at a 22 tyvm and I am 17. I am far from "let go".
After about this time, I never talked to her again.  We later found out that she was doing the weight thing for a Miss America contest but she still has the worst attitude.
I've come to the conclusion that sometimes you just have to cut the ties on these sorts of people that refuse to be polite let alone friendly.
How long have any of you stayed with these kinds of friends?  What was the last straw for you?
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This girl sounds as if she had an eating disorder or some mental health problems or both.

I don't blame you for ending the friendship.

Thanks monsterdew! i really love how this site not only lets people share their stories, but understand that they aren't alone in these types of situations.

I've had a few friends that turned out this way, and it's harder to let them go then people make it seem. i stayed with my first one, Jamie for a while, but eventually she just was so rude and mean I had to let her go. The last straw was when I caught her trying to kiss my boyfriend, with him pulling away thank God, and she just looked at me and winked before she turned around again and attempted to kiss him again. It's really hard to let go of friends, but hang in there! :)