I Am The One Who Ended It....

We were dating for One year, and seven months. It was great at 1st, than it went bad, and we thought it was over, than he changed, or said he did, and actually acted liked he changed, so things got better again for a short while, but than things just got bad again, and for months I kept hoping things would change, I kep praying it wouldn't come to me having my heart broken, but by the time, I got the courage to end it with him, I was pretty much over him. I had already lost him, and he had already broken my heart.

Our relationship was not a good one towards the end. I had stopped being taken cared of, or listened to, or anything like that. I was the one who was taking care of him, and always listening to him, and cleaning up after him all the time. I couldn't talk to him, without him not judging me, or making me feel bad about myself. He'd always put work before, and be more worried about paying the damn cell phone bill, than worry about me going to work in such intense pain that I felt like I was going to die.

Even though I was the bad guy in the end., I am the one who chose to end it, I feel like it was the smartest decision I had ever made, it helped me to get my life somewhat back on track. I will admit at times I do miss him, because he was a good friend of mine, but I know I had to do what was best for me in the end.
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6 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I'm so glad you broke it off, you deserve respect and you certainly were not getting it. I just broke up too so I know it's very painful....<br />
Chocolate is helping me lol ;)

girl am having the same problem too...........................................

Remember, it's your future here. You have to choose one that you are truly compatible with and trust. Trust is the key!

Thats the best thing you can do. Im happy for you

Thats the best thing you can do. Im happy for you

if u delete this i will understand. sometimes people get under so much pressure and stuff they cannot handle it. for example i am a great person when i am not over stressed and in a loving environment but when in a bad one . not good.