I Can't Go Back

I can't go back, I don't want to. The love I had for him is gone. Respect went out the window for him a long time ago. I knew what he was capable of and yet I still stayed in there, hoping he could change. Yet in the pit of dispair, dissapointment in the end. I was really weak when I was with him. He just knew how to play his cards and get me back into his arms. It's like he casted some sort of spell over me. But now I know that I can't let myself go back to that, if I do I'd only end up hurting myself again. The sooner I am out of reach the better for the both of us. That way in the long run we can both heal from this. Love is something that you can't play with. It's like fire, the closer you get to it, you crash and burn. But when you add firewood to it for example beautiful qualities such as honesty, respect, trust, loyalty. The fire of love blazes through, warming the relationship between two souls. I hope to find that soon because I couldn't find it with him, my now called ex.
dannah777 dannah777
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