I Feel So Bad

I broke up with him, in a way he is not what I wanted and on another way he is everything I wanted. That sounds like I am looking for the perfect guy, well at least I want a tall and hygienic bf. I feel so bad, so selfish bc he would do anything for me but I basically did not do much for him, he loved me so much and I didn't. I fell like I am immature when it comes to dating, and one get experience by practicing, but I really do not want to go through a emotional break up like this again. I did not suffer bc I loved so much that I did not to leave him, it was just so painful to see him in so much pain bc he loved me so much D=. I really would like to know my next bf a lot before dating him, hah but now adays guys don't even want to know the name of the girl, they just want to go straight to the bed. *sigh*
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1 Response May 24, 2012

No there are guys that are willing to wait so just let them wait for you. If they are true, they will stick around.... even without the sex. And they would want to never hurt you. They would make sure you are happy and okay. They would want to make sure that your happiness means alot to them. I've experienced both tbh, where They cared but it didn't work, and I cared but it didn't work so.....

but I'm still holding on to hope and I'm going to see what happens... because I really also hate going from one relationsjhip to another. Who likes getting broken up! No one in their right mind would obviosly!

I agree with what you said :) thank you