Letter To You...which I Won't Send...

I just can't believe that your being this way.I respect that you want nothing to do with me since we are broken up. I just think that is ridiculous. You are treating me like any regular person, and i guess that is what i am to you. You have completely cut me out of your life. I hoped we would at least talk about our feelings...

I sincerely believed that you were different. I thanked God for putting you in my path. But with your actions, you have incessantly proven to me that you are just another guy. another one . sadly, I realize, that is how you see me as well. I'm just another girl.

I connected with you and saw something special in you. I am truly MYSTIFIED as to why you changed with me. Especially after all that TALK you talked. Again, I realize you have your own opinions of me. most likely some negative ones...I hate knowing that. I hate NOT knowing what you think actually.

I dont want to tell you all this for any reason other than that I am feeling it.

On a different note, I would like to apologize for any wrongdoings I may have done to you. I'm sorry if I wasnt there for you at any point in which you needed me. I think you understand that I had other things going on.

I did not show it, and I might have even stated the opposite at one point, but i truly did want to take care of you. you took care of me, in the beginning.and i still appreciate you for that. just letting me cry around you was enough. but it was just hard for me to, on top of everything else, try to decipher your needs. I needed something blunt to tell me what you needed.

The only thing I can think that changed was the fact that we developed an intimate relationship. Which disappoints me on a whole other level. I hate thinking of you as shallow, or arrogant. that is simply not the Abraham* I met. the Abraham* everyone around me loved. the Abraham* that I myself grew to love.

Sorry if reading this is just a waste of your time. I have a hard time letting go of people.

I could tell you more, I could explain each action that since the breakup i realized maybe was wrong of me. the thing is, I dont know that you want to hear them....

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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I think you should send it. Communication is almost never a bad thing.

ohioguy41 maybe...i have tried other forms of contact and they all go unanswered :( but maybe soon i will send it...at least the apology part