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I am so used to having my boyfriend(who became my best friend) to talk to. Now that I am alone and single who do I talk to about things? How do I spend my days now? I miss him so much and my phone just sits there tempting me to call him and hear his voice one more time. I know I need to let this go but it's so hard. If this is how relationships are I'm afraid to ever get into one again. I never wanna feel like this again. My whole world is torn apart. What do I do now?
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i heard so many things about dr.marnish and every story has been so great. so here is my story me and the father of my son has been off and on for 3 years its been a very stressful relationship. he cheated on me and i was very hurt, it was miserable for me so in returned i cheated because i wanted him to feel the pain but he never cares so we went apart, so he went back to his ex .i wanted him to leave her and let us come back together, i love him so much and i just want him to feel the same way feel for him, luckly for me dr.marnish@yahoo. com was the one who brought my lover back to me, he is a good spell caster

Thanks for your support and interest on this. It's been about 4 months now since these posts and we have been back together since the beginning of January. We are doing so good together and our relationship couldn't be any stronger. We have worked through many issues and have come to realize that our relationship, like any, requires work but it is so worth it! I love him with all my heart and can see a potential marriage some day. Thanks for all your help! I really needed it.

I broke up with my boyfriend too. My phone does not ring and it is quite lonely but I have to look to God for strength. Everything is going to be alright, just give it a little time.

U sound just like me- even ur response to the comment below looks like something I wrote last month. I still struggle with NOT calling him OR taking his calls/visits. Im just now realizing that he(my ex) wasnt giving me what I KNOW I WANT, and he wasnt willing to listen... about ANYthing, EVER. Im uncomfortable in my own skin still, but Im already figuring out a list of my "must haves" in my next relationship- like: show me respect, be honest and open with me>as I will them, WANT to kiss me(preferably OFTEN-as of now, i dont think I'll even remember how to kiss!) someone who is happy to address anything thats important 2 me... cuz Im important to him & those things are important to me, etc. * my ex was a liar/cheater- 5yrs into it, caught him.. now hes featured on several liar/cheater sites(this did make me feel lil better).... check it out!! >> Elias Eli Partida(google it & pick a post!) liarscheaters.com; reportyourex.com; playerblock.com; cheaterville.com; dating psychos.com; filthyliar.com; dontdatehimgirl.com;& more!! SORRY-GOT SIDE TRACKED! ANYWAY, YOU WILL BE OK> NO, YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN OK SOONER THAN YOU THINK.. PEACE BE THE JOURNEY

Yea me too girl...even the thought of kissing someone else makes me feel sick and i feel even sicker when i think about him with another girl. He was my world and now i don't know what to do i cry myself to sleep at night and get so antsy because i would talk to him throughout the day...i would rather break my leg than feel this pain!

Apparently he is miserable right now and told his dad that this is temporary? I'm so confused because then i get excited because i think that maybe he really misses me and idk what to do now. he hasn't tried to contact me or anything...i just clench to my phone and wait to see his name appear. i'm pathetic and so miserable!!!

My girlfriend has just broke up with me and I am heartbroken I feel so lost without her my world is torn apart I try to find something to take my/your mind of things that has no attachment to your ex boyfriend but if you love him try talking to him because as the say love conquers all

But he never treated me right. He wasn't affectionate towards me he never wanted to kiss me much or cuddle hold hands etc. I could tell him anything and was so open to him. I'm afraid that in future relationships i'll have a hard time opening up to them because i don't wanna get hurt again. I think because he treats me so crappy sometimes is why I wanna go back to him as dumb as that sounds. Kinda like you want what you can't have. I need to figure out if it was really love or if i could do a lot better. I know that I deserve to be treated with respect but it's just that we were together for a long time and these first few days seem to be the hardest. I guess i need a new routine. Just very sad and hurt. I don't wanna hurt anymore :(

It can't of been love if he didn't want to kiss or cuddle you and its not dumb at all its feelings and you can't deny your feelings towards him.. Every girl deserves to get treated with respect and its sounds like you deserve alot better I am in the same boat as you I dont want to get hurt nomore heartbreak is so hard but there will be brighter days I promise you that chin up girl sunny days wouldn't be special without a bit of rain..

Thank you I appreciate it. I'm just so tempted to text him right now and I know I just need to hold out and wait until I'm stronger but I really really miss him. Especially at night time. I wanna know if he's as affected as I am and hurting too. This is the second day out of 10 months I haven't talked to him...it's so unnatural to me and I miss him because he was kind of a best friend to me. My brother and friends tell me texting him is a bad idea. :(

It totally upto you if you want to text him.. I miss my girlfriend especially on a night time I just want to hold her she was my bestfriend too.. No one can tell you what not to do.. I text my girlfriend all the time just go on your gut feeling thats what I would say to you hope you see a brighter day

Ok so as a guy...do you think he might be pretty upset right now? I keep hoping he'll realize he's lost a good thing and get a hold of me but he hasn't. Is he just being stubborn and trying not to look weak? Also, tomorrow is my birthday so i keep hoping he'll tell me happy birthday tmrw. Just need advice about what might be going throught his head right now from a guy perspective. It's been aobut 4 days since the breakup

Break ups are always hard no matter what any guys says he will be thinking about you and he will be upset am sure of it and been a guy myself every one of us are stubborn we dont like to look weak because guys dont like looking weak I cant tell you exactly whats going through his head because only he knows what he is thinking have you spoke to him yet? I would try speaking to him but thats totally up to you.. Ohh and happy birthday for tomorrow :)

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