Thinking About Leaving

If u got to read my other story than you know about me and my bf & guy number2 ,if not then ill be happy to fill u in. Long story short my bf had been flirting and hanging out with other girls throughout our relationship and I responded to it by cheating with an old friend that I knew for years. I'm starting to gain feelings for guy number but he had been sending me mixed messages. Anyways guy number messaged me today & asked me did I want to be his girl. I told him no because I'm not ready to leave my bf but at the same time I'm scared my bf is gonna hurt me again & when he does guy2 is gonna be with someone else. Looking at it from the outside my bf really doesn't deserve me but I can't leave him. I don't think it's because I love him I think it's because I'm used to spending all my time with him. I probably see my best friend once every 3-4 months he's all I spend my time with. Guy number 2 hasn't hurt me in any type of way but I've seen him cheat on plenty of his exes and I'd rather have us just be friends than for him to hurt me. I'm just very confused & hurt right now I feel like my bf is trying to change & I don't want to leave but at the same time there's a boy that deserves a shot with me but I won't let him get it.
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Make a clean break from it ALL!! Both you and your b/f's are only making each other crazy. Drop them both adn build a new life for YOU

How you getting on now? Markx

It's hard to walk away from security, but that all it is now, it is hard to be inside your own head, but you owe it to yourself. X

you sold yourselfcheap ,how to get expensive fish? They will just play and dump you cos that is the price you protrayed I think you can get a better deal!

I am happy to hear that..what I mean is no more cheating from both paties and life will be so much sweeter..right?HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

I've been forgiving and forgetting for the last year & a half& I know he doesn't want me to leave but he's not making it easy when he still talking to girls asking for numbers & flirting like hes single after all we've been through . I know I shouldnt have cheated and I really wish I didn't because now I have another guys heart in my hands

Yo yo yo cheating ain't cool, don't do revenge, that's not cool either. You gotta forgive and forget to the best of your ability, and try to be as loving as you can be. For come reason I doubt any man wants to leave a woman that treats him well.