Un Beliveable But True!

So hard to tell but for the experience am forced to say with tears in my eyes !!!
I met this guy four years back he was really badly with money we stayed together and contributed a lot to our bills because he had no job !!! I got pregnant and gave birth to baby girl and this guy left the country when the baby was one year and promised not to forget us because he left when i had lost my job ! he is in US now but when he got money he just called to say " look for a man to marry u because am already married here!" Am so confused i have cried and i don't think tears will the wounds am ahving inside me thats why i have decided to share it with you!
Rhinah Rhinah
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Aww. I hope you and your baby are doing okay. Nothing worse than being on the receiving end of lies and abandonment. I hope and pray for you.

I am going through my own break up right now and it is so hard...but I take it one step at a time.

Love & Prayers

Thank you dear!

Am really doing my best to see that my baby have a better life and i will never stop struggling to get the best

You have your baby that's all u need. It's going to b ok and u look like an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. If he doesn't see your worth he's not worth any of your time or energy...I learned this the hard way.

surely its learning but in a hard way but still nothing to do i hope i will be fine one day. Thank you so much for the advice

That's sad. :(
I hope you find someone deserving of your love.

Thank you for much for such n advice and i hope one day a better person will come my way