Done With You

He was my first. I'm young, and was naive to think he was my last. We lasted six months. He did tell me that he was a jerk before we got together, but I wasn't prepared for his real dark side. When we first got together, I knew he wasn't the perfect guy, but who is? He never really was good around people, he grew up in a bad environment family wise, so he didn't really know anything about caring for other people or family or friends really. He just labled people as 'useful' or 'useless'. This is what I asumed to be his jerk side, and despite it I did fall in love with him. This was a long distance relationship, we were four hours away from each other so he was only able to come visit once a month. It was a good five months till we reached our sixth and things went sour. We would fight over stupid little things everyday and my love for him started to fade. He then opened up to me of how he thought of people. It honestly scared me. On top of this he really had zero romance so it felt like he was a best friend rather than a boyfriend. About a week after I told him I was ending it. At first he ignored me right away, he doesn't take break ups very well. Then the next day he wanted to try and fix it. It was so hard to tell him that and saying no everytime he said "we can work it out" but I knew that it wasn't. He's carefree with what he says, while I take everything to the heart. I knew that if I stayed he'd be happy, but I'd stay depressed. I didn't want to live a lie. Of course, this had to happen on valentines day. I know some people think v day is garbage, but my family came over my house, I don't really like showing my emotions around family because they would never leave me alone if I had busted out crying. To make things worse my mom's bf brought flowers for all the girlies, something thomas couldn't even do, and got tickets for my mom to go see Fleetwood Mac, her favorite band. I couldn't sleep, it was around 2 a.m. when thomas send me a messege on AIM, asking to just try and that he'll never stop fighting for me. I told him I had to go to bed, partly because I couldn't say no that time and parlty because I did have to wake up early. This is when he did a complete 180. He started telling me to shut the **** up, I'm ******* stupid, I could shove the whole maybe getting together in the future up my ***, rot in hell, and have this whole thing eat me away for the rest of my life. THIS is his jerk side I failed to see. I almost did let me eat this away, but luckily for me I had his stalker (weird twist eh?) to talk me through this. She let me know that even if he was angry, he shouldnt have said those things and he should apologize. I doupted he would, but suprizingly two days afer he did. I still refused to be back with him, after all, I told him I left because of his bad side and his reaction only backed me up. He asked me to block him. I didn't want to, and seeing as he did it once already I couldnt see while he couldnt do it again. I know, childish... I should have just blocked him, but anyways he threatened that If I didn't he'd start yelling at me again. I still didn't. Again, he went beserko. Give me my **** back he said. I will comply as long as he sends me a box. I'm not going to pay the post office for him. He didn't like it. Find a box, your the ***** that ended it, send me my money too (some change he left for me since I had to take the bus to get to school) i've invested money in you, you owe me you stupid *****. I said he apologized about 2 minutes earlier for saying things and he's now doing it again. He replied with we're not together anymore moron, i dont really give a **** about you, you can die for all I care just give me my ****. I said jsut send me a box and he told me to **** off. Heh, talk about your dr. jeckle and mr. hide

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Wow, he's really, really, on the borderline...<br />
Breaking up with him was a great decision.<br />
<br />
Rock on girl! :)