If you read my last experience, "I hate myself" you'd understand why. I just can't believe I actually did it. I've been wanting to, and even have threatened to, but I knew I could never afford to uphold my own house and take care of my daughter. So last night, when he asked me what I wanted to do, I said, "I want to break up with you, but I can't afford it". So he said we can be broken up, he was going to take this job in a city a few hours away, send me money and let me live at our house. So basically we're now roommates with a kid! It's strange, last night I slept on the couch. My back is thanking me now...*sigh*.

Tonight I work until midnight so my mother is keeping the baby. I'll bet you he won't be home at a decent time. I can pretty much guarantee it. We'll see!!

mousy622 mousy622
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2009